Wednesday, September 30, 2015

New Kid on the Block

Hermanas Sipple, Macfarlane and Ponce


My companions are the best, okay?

First day of TRACTING!
Today we had an appointment in the morning but it fell through so we left her an invite for Women's Conference this weekend and I wrote her a little note.We are happy here. I'll write you all the days :)
New Kid On the Block!  From MM Sipple


Sister Sipple's mom sends a lot of stuff here from Amazon, so its safe to send here I think. She's awesome by the way. She sends a lot of necessities and food and good stuff. If you send to the mission home we will only get it at random meetings and if we have to go to the transfer meeting so it's not very reliable. But, you can still send stuff there as needed.

Being fed by awesome new friends


I freakin love you guys.

Danville is quite the place. I've sort of had a little bit of culture shock, not like the freak out kind but just surprised. It's very poor here and everyone has a story. Of course, everyone has a story but these people have the craziest stories! It's very easy to love them because they are so humble.
So the other day we were coming in for the night and maybe having dinner or something like that - maybe just planning - and I was in the kitchen and I hear this, "Oh, sorry, blah blah mumble mumble." It sounded like someone was barging in. The next thing I know, CRAZY *Neighbor Lady* (CNL) IS AT OUR DOOR. She's got a lot of drugs and stuff in her body and she was just sweeping away. So we have our door, then the hallway with the other rooms, then there's a door that leads to another door then outside. Kind of confusing but the point is CNL was sweeping inside, she was sweeping our rug. We don't actually know if it's her job or not, but boy is she a thorough sweeper. As we stood there talking to our sweet, sweet CNL sweeping and sweating, we asked if she goes to church and what not. She said she does and that she's been
married three times. "Third times the charm or third strike and you're out, so, I'm out."  Sis. Sipple tried to make a joke like, "Oh, no more ball games for you?" But, CNL didn't laugh and thought we were just dumb so she said her line again and we all tried to hold in giggles, but it didn't work. I think our rug was swept 30 times. It's very clean now which is nice. We finally said goodnight and good luck and she was very kind about it.

Later we went to take the trash out and we were going to go out the front door but didn't want to run into CNL again (it's a funny good time, but we were busy). So we went out the back door. Low and behold, CNL was sweeping away. We got close enough and yelled "CNL!!" (Not really. They yelled her actual name.) And it scared her half to death and we all had a good laugh about it. Karma for trying to avoid her, I guess. Oops.

The next night, the Elders came to bring another bed for us and they threw away the old mattress. When they got to the trash bin a cat jumped out at them. Welcome to Danville. The promised land. The grass is covered in chiggers. CNL came back again and tried to fix our stove but then she just told us how and we did it later. She warned us about the electricity and said its no fun being hit by 220. (Watts? We're not sure. Apparently it's worse than drugs.) We love our crazy neighbors!

We have had to stay inside because I had a bad cough, Sister Ponce had the flu that's been going around the Branch and Sister Sipple has crazy back stuff. But we do go out a few times per day. I think I've made it sound like its a crazy dangerous place but it's not. It's full of loving people and we have lots of angels here watching over us. It's no Utah county, that's for sure, but it's very green and full of love!


Last night was really awesome.Grandma and Grandpa Macfarlane were definitely here with me. I didn't see them, but I know their spirits. They have protected me from so much!! It's hard to explain. But, it's so good.


This Branch is so cute. The building is the size of our chapel area, maybe. It's so tiny. But perfect. We had meetings this morning and also the General Women's Broadcast was so good. I want to watch it again because I was a little distracted by the newness of watching it at church. But, Sis Kassaw is the RS Pres and she is a baker and she's so so awesome. She made the best desserts for the 9 or so of us there. It's hard to tell you everything because I'm typing on the iPad and it's really hard.

We are sitting outside with J right now and her little son. She lives in the apartment next to us, not members, just friends. The Wakolos gave a surprise visit today and scared us all! H Ponce had to speak and I bore my testimony, so we all were a little antsy. But they are seriously so loving and nice. I love them a lot! Anyway, we had our meetings which were really fun and then we went tracting and found some people but our appointment didn't go through, and we got one really angry door. Then this one house we knocked and the bugs were insane. I got so so so many bites!! My first ones. Eek. I love it here though!. It's so beautiful. The trees are so full and it's a beautiful time of year because it's not too hot, but still warm. I love it!

I loved your Emma pictures - holy cow she's so tall and so freaking beautiful, I can hardly stand it! How are them boys, Em? You're so beautiful and nice and funny and sweet and I love you! I'm trying to remember all of your questions and remember what happened. It's been kind of slow because we can't leave sometimes (because of illness). But we are trying! It's really fun. We are all trying to follow spiritual promptings whenever we can, it's the best way. We were walking and I felt like stopping but I was nervous and ignored it but I knew that we should knock. And I talked to Ponce and she was like, "Oh, of course! We have to follow the promptings!" It was comforting to see how easy it is. She said if you ignore the promptings you'll stop getting them. So we knocked, a younger boy (16?) came to the door and got his dad. Then came back and said we could go back later, so we gave him a pamphlet and we'll go back on Thursday or Friday! Hopefully it goes well.

Next we went to this huge house and they were really rude and made us leave immediately. I felt so bad but it was also funny! So we came back and now we're still with J and her son. The moon is like 4/5 covered.
It's so awesome but we have to go in.

We get along really well! My Spanish is no no Bueno, but I'm learning. We haven't taught really very many lessons so I don't get to practice a lot. But the gift of tongues is still real and I feel it sometimes!

She loves a good selfie.
We didn't see much of the moon. We watched it disappear and then checked it at 9:40 and it was red but not super visible. Very cool though!! The sunsets are so amazing here. My pictures hardly do it
justice at all. I think Ponce got a good one but it's just not capturable!! Love love love it. It's beautiful here! Lots of dogs too. Ponce and I had a good time walking around vocalizing the animals. OH, I have to remember to get a video of this dog next time. Holy cow. We were walking and I see this white mutt and it's running at us "aggressively" and growling pretty mean so we got a little freaked out. It got like 3 feet from us and let out this high-ish pitched squeak and we could not stop laughing - oh my heck, so funny. Everyone has a dog and every dog has 3 cats, at least. One house had 7-9 cats. One has these cutest puppies. A neighbor has a cute dog, too. But we can't touch them, sadly.


Things are good here in Danville.

Sister Sipple is very funny and we get along really well. She's a trooper and I love her a lot. She's trying to follow the Spirit. She taught me how to teach the restoration with the pamphlet in English. Sister Ponce has been very patient with my slow Spanish and is willing to help me learn even though I'm not great at it and there aren't a ton of opportunities to speak it when you're sick/coughing! She's very nurturing and she laughs at my jokes. She's taught me patience and how to study effectively - except for when I fall asleep a lot. :) I love these two. They have a desire to work and to love, not only each other but the others out here too. They have very open and loving eyes which I am slowly leaning to develop as I meet these people. That's what motivates them - the love for the people. It's inspiring to me!! They have taught me how to see the good in people, even when they make bad decisions. There are a lot of people using drugs and drinking. It was a bit of a culture shock at first but I'm getting used to it. Going to church helped me to see that there are people here with testimonies and a love for the Savior. It's really fun and nice. I love it here!

I have tried to memorize the lesson points and this week I'm going to add memorizing scriptures references to each of the points. I also want to learn the recitations, too. I'm working on having a desire to teach and to go out and work. I always enjoy it after, but I get scared before. I try to remember to fear not and be of good courage. The scripture that I shared with I you in our interview comes to mind, Jacob 5:72, about the Lord laboring WITH His servants as they gather Israel and how the master of the vineyard, or Heavenly Father, is watching over it all. It's really an amazing scripture and comfort to me. In the MTC we had a devotional from Lloyd Newell and he taught us to have a sound heart, courage, and love. With those things we can fear not and trust God. It was really uplifting for me. That's what I have also been working on! And I know Joseph Smith was a true prophet and a good example of those things. My testimony of him has been really strengthened. And Jesus Christ of course is our perfect exemplar. I'm trying to have faith first in the Lord, then in you, then in my companions, then in other missionaries. My heart is being locked and my feet are being moved. I love you and all you do for us! I love Jesus. I love the Lord.

Thank you for everything,
Hermana Macfarlane

Welcome to The South

She's enjoying the iPad a little too much.

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