Sunday, September 20, 2015

Voice Recording Transcript

I haven't had time to read your (beautifully long) email yet! But here is my recording for the week. Feel free to put whatever you want on the blog. Sorry I couldn't write it out! I'm trying to be obedient with email time. It's very easy to go over, especially because we won't get in any real trouble. But, obedience is good and stuff so yeah. 

Again, I hope this is actually mine and not the ones from Sister Smith! 
Hermana Macfarlane

(Also, I want you to know that I put your names in the temple every week and I pray for you to feel the blessings of having a missionary and from living righteously. I hope you are watching for those and feeling them. Seriously. Love you all so much. Absence makes the heart grow fonder (or forgetful 😖 lolz)

Hello Family! So, I thought I would have more time to write today but then somehow I used up all my time. So, I'm sending you this recording of three things and it won't be very long, hopefully. 

First of all I lost that blueish green cardigan that we just barely got and I have no idea where it went. I've checked the lost and found. Maybe I can check the front desk or something because it was brand new and it was so awesome and it went with everything. So, that's been on my mind lately. But, I can't find it and I didn't ever pack that brown shirt, so if you do end up seeing it, that would be awesome. And when are you going to send a TracFone? Send it soon. And also send a gallon bag so I can put all my liquids in my carry on in it and maybe another page of stamps like the ones you sent me before. 

So this is just a little experience I had yesterday or the day before. I've always kind of felt like I have doubts in the back of my mind, like, I know things are true and I feel the Spirit but I'm always like what if just really isn't true and we die and there's nothing or what if when I'm older I'll forget all these good feelings I've had. I think that's just mostly what it was -- fear of losing my testimony. So, yesterday I was going to start studying for one of our investigators who is going to learn about the law of tithing next. Instead of doing that, I felt like I need to study about Christ and it was really awesome how clear it was that I knew I needed to study about that that day. So, I read in the Bible Dictionary (which is my favorite resource right now, it's so awesome) and first I looked under Jesus and it just gave a little explain of his name. And then I read under Christ and that was really cool. Just a short little things. But then my favorite part was actually when I read about the gospels, talking about Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and talking about their different stories of Christ and how it is all different perspectives burt the same doctrine. It was really cool to see and read that little excerpt and see how realistic CHrist was. I was looking at the pictures in the back of the Bible and it was so cool to see the pictures again because it made it much more realistic. These are places that I've learned about in my history classes, these places that amazing, spiritual religious things happened and it was so awesome. I realized I felt so calm but also really excited when I was reading it and I just wanted to learn everything I could about Christ right then and read all of the Old Testament, all of the New Testament, all of the Book of Mormon, all of Jesus the Christ and Our Heritage and all the definitions and just learn as much as I can so that I can have that feeling all the time and learn about his perfect example that he was for us and how I can adapt that in my life. It was so cool to have the Spirit prompt me to do that and I was like, whatever, okay and then I understood why. So, this is what I got from it. If I can keep that feeling with me and mostly if I can base my testimony in Christ and not in deep doctrine, or in some kind of an outcome, if I can base my testimony in Christ then I will be able to keep it forever as long as I keep it based on Christ's example and the Atonement and learn more about His gospel and those things then that is what will keep my testimony strong. I was just really thankful for that experience.

I'm grateful to be learning about Christ. We talk about Him every day - It's so awesome. We talk about how every lesson is supposed to be centered around Him because that's our purpose, to invite others to come unto Christ by doing the things in his gospel but it's not just to be nice. People always say the mission is all about love, it's all about service, it's all about hard work. Which, it is all about those things, but the main focus is to invite others to come unto Christ, even if it's just one step closer to baptism, or going to the temple, or something. So, that's been kind of a cool thing.

Other than that, I had sort of a weird week. It feels like it was very long ago when I had my last P-day but I also feel like nothing happened. I just can't remember what I've done this past week. I think because I said everything in those two letters I think I've said everything that was significant to me this week.

I hope you are all doing well and I am really sorry to hear about Roxy. You'll have to let me know if she got hurt badly, or what happened with that.

I've started to organize my things and pack. I haven't put anything into a suit case, but just thinking about if there's anything I need to send home, or keep here, or, keep with me or anything.

I'm really grateful for you guys. I hope Emma's doing okay and that she's enjoying school and not getting too stressed out about it. It's so hard to go to 7th grade and have so many classes and have friend troubles and emotions and puberty and everything. I'm grateful she's having those experiences because that's what shapes you and I know it sounds dumb but it's important. I love her and I love hearing from you all and I hope everyone is in good health and in good spirits. It was fun to hear from Eva and Suzy this week. I spent a lot of time emailing them and friends and stuff so I didn't have a lot of time to email you a whole lot.

I'll call you on Tuesday morning! Turn your phones up really high and set your alarms! I look forward to talking to you and if for some reason something goes wrong and I don't get to talk to you, then I'll talk to you on my next P-day in Arkansas!

Love you, Bye!

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