Saturday, September 5, 2015

What's your #1?

HOLA!! Thank you for all of the pictures!! I have been dying. So cute. And thank you for the best packages and we ate all of that trail mix in like three days and also this week has gone by so fast. Seriously, you guys are hilarious and the best and I love you so much! We are about to do laundry. So, bye!! (And with that, I had to wait another hour. Sigh.)

Sometimes at bedtime, or mealtime, we ask each other how our day was by saying, "What was your number one?" We know that this will be followed by, "And, your two?" Then, "Three?" These stand for the BEST part of your day, the thing that was BOTH good and bad, and the WORST part of your day. I asked Ashley those questions about this week. 

Best thing was that Elder Oaks came to speak on Sunday! It was so fun. We were broadcasted to the other MTCs in the world and we sang in the choir. Apparently my face was front and center for a good portion so that was my major LDS music debut. He spoke about Preach My Gospel (the missionary manual) but the coolest thing was that he said not only remember that every member a missionary but every missionary a member. And reminding us that the sacrament is how we can always have the spirit to be with us and that is still such an important part and it  will bless us so much if we can take the sacrament with real intent. Also he said not just doing missionary things but being a missionary. Which was good for me to hear because I don't really like teaching sometimes, but then this week I prayed to enjoy teaching and have patience with everyone and it was so good!

I had to speak in church this Sunday. I can't remember if I wrote you about it in a letter and if it was one that I sent or not ... it's all a blur! Sister Johnson had to teach relief society and sister Smith was conducting and said the closing prayer so I sort of knew it would be me. BUT that morning I realized I had thrown my talk away. It was such a crazy morning. If you remember Hannah Cosper, she says hello. But we were cleaning her building for service on Saturday and she asked me if I would play for them the next day because they're in the ASL ward so they needed a pianist or something and it was the EFY medley that I had played before, so I practiced with them that night and we went over at 8am to their sacrament meeting and did it and it was great. Then we got back to our classroom where we were supposed to be studying and preparing talks and whatever and I realized I had thrown my prepared talk away! Which was actually a blessing because the new talk I gave was much better. I talked about enduring to the end (the topic for this week) and how it's an internal thing and it's hard to know when someone is enduring because it's a combination of other outward actions spread across their life - of course this message was probably not received because of my broken Spanish. But I got so many nice compliments about it after! I think it's because I shared my mission scripture Jacob 5:72 and said that it comforts me to know that the Lord is working with us. The Branch Presidency's wives told me that I sounded really good and it was a nice talk. Everyone is so nice here. But I do have to say that I have the best pronunciation of our district for sure, but I am the worst at grammar. So I sound like I know what I'm saying but I ain't foolin' nobody. So, that whole Sunday was a good/bad because I talked and it was scary and I sounded really nervous but I actually enjoyed it a little.

The District
The worst was yesterday when we were learning a lot of really tough Spanish grammar. We learned commands and all this other stuff that we didn't really know before. It was hard because our teacher is new and so we don't really know his teaching style. And when our other teachers teach grammar they use a lot of English so we understand the concept but he rarely uses English and uses different words that we don't know so it's a challenge. My brain was exploding because I understood the concepts but couldn't remember them all in order to make full sentences. And we as a companionship were feeling so out of sync and everything with feeling the Spirit. But then we prayed a lot and jumped around and did active things and prepared a good lesson for this evening.
Us Making Utah Valley Girl Faces

All in all it was a good week! I'm really enjoying seeing people that I know. Mikey Bready, Sydni everyday, Khaya, Megan is coming next week and Courtney the next!
With Sydni Garvin, called to serve in Sidney, Australia - Samoan Speaking
These things are from my email list that I make throughout the week. So it will be random.
Thank you mom for teaching me the sometimes insecurity is overshadowed by pride. There are a few elders who like to only say things to build themselves up and it's really awkward sometimes but I'm grateful to be able to see that they are probably very insecure ... in fact I'm 90% sure of it. And I try so hard to be nice to them in a genuine way. 
"How we deal with stress"

I was having a hard Monday because I didn't want to teach and I was having a bad attitude but I prayed a lot about it and I felt SO good after. I felt like I had prepared as much as I could have and it was what the Lord wanted for me right then. And it happened every day following. I never want to teach and I'm trying to get over that because I always feel the Spirit when I can teach and follow the Holy Ghost. We are working on using less notes and following the Spirit more than an outline. It's really hard in Spanish!!
Thank you for the stamps and flip flops and delicious treats and everything you've sent me. It's such a blessing to receive things even as silly as flip flops. I guess I'm just really grateful for a good family!! 
If you see Mary Brimley thank her for sending me donuts!!
I LOVE DEAR ELDERS. We get them after lunch and after dinner M-Th and it's so awesome.
We were cleaning our building on our other service day and there was a baby bat and it was so cute but we had to all go down the the next floor just for the day.
We learned that we use olive oil for consecration for lots of different things but my favorite thing is that when olives are pressed they get more and more pure with each squeezing and also it gets sweeter and sweeter.
Our teacher had us write letters to ourselves and that was a really cool experience. Everyone agreed that it felt like we were giving ourselves a blessing for the future. The words came out in that way.

Got to go I'll probably write you a letter with everything else!!
LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!
Hi, I have 2 minutes.
-I like learning Spanish but it's hard to apply it
-It's very very cool especially when the gift of tongues comes into play
-I love that we are all here learning and sucking and being funny together. The environment rocks.
-I have loved learning about following the spirit and the importance of obedience. 8 page letter coming today.
-The guy in surgery left the first day and had surgery and never came back. He was supposed to but couldn't recover. His companion is our new district leader.

Much love!
Again thank you for all of the pictures and love and everything you have done for me and continue to do for me. It kills me that I can't express my thanks to you as much as I would like. Thank you for the goodies and the little things and the big things that you have sent and the pictures and the dear elders and everything.

Love love!!!

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