Friday, September 25, 2015

Danville, Arkansas meet Hermana Macfarlane

This is me (Helen) talking because, well, I haven't heard from Hermana Macfarlane since the last email she sent from the Little Rock Mission Home. By the end of the the day Tuesday I was starting to get anxious and very curious. I hadn't heard where she was assigned or with whom. I was checking the ALRM (Arkansas Little Rock Mission) Facebook page to see if anyone had posted anything about Ashley. I became friends with a wonderful woman (Laura Jensen) whose daughter also arrived in Arkansas that day (English speaking). She invited me to another ALRM private site where someone had posted a lot of the new companionships that had been formed that day.

No mention of Hermana Macfarlane.

Someone else took a few pictures of new companionships and posted them on the private Facebook page.

No Hermana Macfarlane.

Just as I was starting to give up on finding out anything before Monday, I received a picture via text from an unfamiliar number.

There's Ashley! Wearing the pajamas she and Emma bought together before she left. So, we sent this picture back, along with lots of questions!!

Connected by ... pajamas.

So, it turned out to be Katie, a friend of the missionaries who sent the picture. She told us they are in Danville, AR and that Ashley is in another trio companionship. Meet Hermanas Ponce and Sipple!

Hermanas Ponce, Sipple and Macfarlane

Everyone in Danville and the ALRM are so friendly and welcoming! I'm confident that Ash will be well loved and taken care of. (I'm hoping she returns in kind.) I'm already FB friends with the Branch President, the Danville Branch, and Hermana Sipple's mom, Lisa. Lisa sent these interesting facts about Danville today:

Population: 2600
70% Hispanic
Average annual income: $26,000
The Branch President is a professional chef and is awesome! The Branch is sweet and wonderful.

As I was putting together this post, this picture came in from Hermana Sipple.
Here we go!!

I'm putting together a care package (or two) to send right away. If anyone has ideas on a "greenie" package or an October-themed package, please let me know! Or, just ideas on what Sister Missionaries like to get in general would also be helpful.

If you'd like to drop her a note:

Hermana Ashley Macfarlane
P.O. Box 933
Danville AR 72833