Wednesday, September 23, 2015

"The Natural State"

Hello! I am here!

I had a really good sleep last night, we were so so so pooped. I slept on this big queen bed with the softest mattress and great pillows and ahhhh it was so nice. I do have a bit of a cold though which is unfortunate. It's the kind that is super dry so my throat is dry and my eyes water and I cough, but it's all good I'm taking medicine and stuff.

It's not like a wave of humidity like that one time when we stayed in ... Missouri was it? And it was like we were breathing only water. It's not like that. But it is more humid and my skin is just that much softer if you can imagine! (She really does have the softest skin.)

How are you all? Don't worry about me, I'm in good hands. I have been stressed but in my mind I know that it's okay. It's hard for me to get the best of this moment because my thoughts turn home a lot. But I'm applying the Atonement and I'll be just fine!! :)

Sister Wakolo is a great cook! We had yummy chicken and rice and this morning we are having bacon it looks like. The sister training leaders are very cute and nice and everyone is happy here. The Wakolos seem very courageous. They are people that have had a lot of experience for sure. They're so awesome and I'm so excited! We have our transfer meeting today where we find out where we are serving. There are 10 sister Spanish missionaries here, about 11 elders for Spanish, and 200 English. So it's a little bit of a different world for us.

The Wakolos want me to make sure that you know they are so grateful for you and who you are. They always say that. Grateful for what you do but mostly who you are! And that it's the Plan of Happiness not the Plan of Sadness. I know it will be hard here but it's the only opportunity I will have to serve the Lord full time in my whole life!! I love you! Hopefully I will write you on Monday!
Also they have the cutest little Fijian daughter, Jasmine, who is 12 years old!!! She's so cute and reminds me of Emma a lot.

Love you much!! I'll send the tracfone home ASAP.

Hermana Macfarlane

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