Sunday, September 20, 2015

Snail Mail 9/13/15

As I started typing this, a song came on Pandora that Ashley used to play and that I miss so much! A Chopin Nocturne. Seriously the best thing. 


Sorry for that weird note on Saturday. I wanted to tell you all the things but I didn't have time. Tell this to Andrew: Today we wanted grapes (the watermelon is where it's at though :)) and Sister Smith started singing "celegrape good times, come on! It's a celegrapetion." So that was funny because it reminded me of Andrew's celeration song. (He sang that about celery once and it was very funny.)

Did Bishop Gibbons say if I can send my temple clothes home with him? It would be nice. I forgot to ask my Branch President today if that would be allowed. Choir was cool today because we are singing "Hoorah for Israel" so that'll be fun. Then, next week we're doing Music and the Spoken Work with Lloyd Newell! I'm excited for that. I saw Megan Cutler today! She's so cute. Courtney should come this week. (Courtney and Megan are two of Ashley's friends from high school.)

With Sister Courtney Griffiths

How are you guys? Thank you for the package! The slips are great and so is everything else. We are singing our goodbye humn next week. Elder Self is a piano performance major who is minoring in French so he decided we're singing a song that's only in the French hymnbook -- in English -- and he'll play for us. He is very musically talented, and very smart and nice. It's to the tune of "Going Home" which I love!

We got a new Elder! Oh, I think I already told you. His name is Elder Sheppard. We're starting our devotional with Richard I. Heaton who is the Administrative Director here. I'll probably write more later, but if not, LOVE YOU A LOT A LOT <3 Hermana Macfarlane

Hi, we just watched a seminar thing by Elder Holland on teaching! It was pretty good!

Do you have any fall break plans? I hope you're having fun planning stuff :) How's Emma doing with ADD and voice and Emma cuteness?

I'm so excited for conference!!

The map sounds so fun! Tell my mission president that I'm funny. hehe (I told her we have to send President Wakolo a letter all about her and I didn't know what to say.) I'm supposed to write my testimony so that Sister Wakolo can keep them ... no pressure. They seriously seem like the best! I'm so excited and nervous. But, I love the mission.

My favorite little door that I love walking through.

Being a Sister Training Leader is fun but hard because the newer sisters have companionship troubles. But we pray for them and they are doing okay. We have had a hard time as a district focusing (the eternal problem at the MTC) and today the 30+ of us decided we can plan all we want; this whole time we have made district goals and come up with ideas and talked, but we still have problems. When it's hard to focus, we just need to get over ourselves and get back to work. Our Branch President talked about where your desire is. If you honestly have the desire to do the Lord's work, you will use the Atonement and forget the world. You can't serve two masters - you either spend your time here, or you spend it there. It was so good and what we needed. So, this week, it's going to be hard but I'm determined!! I love you all so much. All you have done and still do is noticed by me and by my district. You are all good examples to those you don't even know. LOVE YA! Hermana Macfarlane

PS Are Julie and Mike or Jean and Bruce going to serve missions? Just curious. Senior Missionaries are the best!

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