Sunday, September 20, 2015

Snail Mail 9/16/15

Hola otra vez :)

Last Temple Trip for 17 months!

It was a beautiful day!
Como estan hoy?? (At least, I THINK that's what it says. Her handwriting, although lovely to look at, is sometimes nearly impossible to read.)

Choir was fun today! Sister Wixom just walked in! She is so cute and awesome. She and the MTC president's wife are matching in yellow with white hair! And her husband seems so nice. I'm excited for this. :)

Thank you for your Dear Elder today. I love to get those with random stuff.

I love the song Let the Holy Spirit Guide. And our district song will be better because I asked for it to be transposed lower so sister Smith could sing the high note better but it didn't sound great so we put it back to normal and it's better.

I'm having morning stress but I always end happy. I really am happy!!!

I love you all!!!

Love, Hermana Macfarlane

MTC District

Later ...

Okay, hi. So here's the fast version: An Elder told Sis Wixom a story when they were mission presidents. He was faced with a ravenous dog. The only thing he had was a Book of Mormon. So he placed it on the ground and instead of being attacked, the dop bit the book. The bite penetrated all the way to 2 Nephi. And her joke was "even he stopped at Mosiah!" Lolz

And go read 2 Nephi 22:2 :)

So, it's been hard because I'm really comfortable here and things are good but I feel scared to go change everything about my structure and language. Again! But, I am also way excited. I'm really trying to apply the Atonement. I know what is the root of my problem and what I need to change, but I can't figure out how. So, I'm working on being positive, humble, and patient with myself and others. There is an Elder especially that I'm praying for. He is very insecure and acts very prideful and does a lot of "fishing" for reassurance. I made a goal today to only think positive things about him. And I totally felt way more love and it rocked.

Also, I want you all to know that my testimony is growing. Especially of the Atonement! I have not done too much that the Atonement won't cover it. Or anyone! It is cliche because it is so true. Everyone needs the Atonement and should use it. It's a gift that we can take full advantage of. Big things, little things, medium things, etc. I really do know this. Have an experience with the Atonement this week. It can be small or big, not depending on what you're asking for/needing but depending on your conviction as you pray and go throughout your days seeking help. Sister Wixom said that in relation to missions, YOU control your own convictions! It's up to you to initiate your relationship with God as HIS hand is stretched out. I love the Atonement. It's about happiness.

I have to sleep now. I love you and I know this church is true. As I bear my honest testimony, I feel like it will grow. I really do know these things and I can only learn more. I want to share this with conviction, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

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