Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Chicken or Pig?

Okay, I just want the whole world to know how much I love you mom!! You're the best. Thanks for everything you do for me and our family and everyone!!! I hate that I can't adequately thank you for the notes and packages and spending time and money on me and helping me and praying for me. I can only send this lame email. But I love you. And the whole family!

Sunday: Sipple had to translate because Ponce had to speak so that was stressful! But so funny. Ponce spoke on this analogy that a member gave us a while ago. The chicken or the pig. Which would you rather be? Chickens: the chicken is willing to give up their egg for the benefit of others. (Me for my yummy yummy breakfast.) it's very nice and it's a lot of hard work, BUT it's only a part of itself. Pigs: when a pig dies, it gives its all. It devotes it's whole self to the greater good. (Yes I know chickens die and give themselves too but that's not the analogy.)

In your conversion, are you giving just a small part of you and calling it good or are you willing to give it your all and sacrifice your life for the gospel? For me, it depends on the day. I'm doing my best to be fully converted!

Monday: I had my first FHE! It was with the B family. They played this game with us where we had a thing of jelly beans and there were two flavors per color, one is gross and one is good. Someone from your team spins and everyone has to take a bean and hope for the best! The team that swallows the most beans wins. Let me tell ya, the barf jellybean was the worst day of my whole life. Oh, my heavens, I started gagging! But, the point was something like life isn't always as sweet as you think but you have to have a good outlook on life or something. It was fun. It was like a quarter Spanish and 3/4 English. Then we walked home.

Tuesday: Taught my first lesson today! We taught L, a friend of the N family who are recent converts. She lives with them and is stubborn but it's good because she's not about blind faith. I was able to bear my testimony and share a few insights about prophets and such. Really cool.

Wednesday: I sleep a lot okay? It's hilarious. I'll be praying - at any time of day - and fall asleep. Studies? Not a chance. It's so bad. I am such a 9 hour sleeper and this 7 1/2 hours isn't quite cutting it. Also I just fall asleep easy with old age. Anyway, this day I was totally justified. I got a runny nose and cough and felt sick. I tried to study and felt no direction. I kept waking up to my mouth wide open, snoring (ME. SNORING. Weird, right? You have to know that Ashley is the world's quietest sleeper. Like, you wonder if she's alive.) and my neck was kinked. Sipple had a good laugh. I woke up and they looked at me and told me I
could go lay in bed. Of course I wasn't about to argue with my inspired trainers, so I hopped in bed and took a 2 1/2 hour nap. Good stuff.

I'm still sick. Bleh. I got a blessing from the elders though! Unfortunately I wasn't blessed with health, but that as I work through sickness, my family will be blessed, and also I need to follow to example of my trainers. Yay! No pressure. Haha It's all good. The elders are really nice. We have the tiniest district. It's us three, the district leaders, and the senior missionary couple. District meetings are weird but hilarious to watch the dynamics. Book of Mormon class was supposed to happen but it didn't because no one came.

Thursday: slept through studies again. Whoops. E!! He's our new investigator and our first lesson that we set a date for baptism, the 18th! I'm so pumped. He's very sweet. He has a lot of challenges in his life but he's smart and loves to learn and loves his family. He gave this analogy of us driving on a road and the headlights are like Christ. We were able to apply prophets to being a GPS and all that. It was cool. Mom, I thought you would like that. It's fun to think of different things and how they apply to the analogy! He was proud of his connections too. If you have a spare prayer, please add him to it. He's going to need help to make it to the 18th! And he needs help with his family and such. Prayer is so powerful. We then had dinner with the T's and it was so freaking good. mmhmmm.

Friday: FIRST DAY STAYING AWAKE THROUGH STUDIES. We were asked to read the Book of Mormon by 12/31 and I'm doing it in Spanish! It's actually pretty fun. I'm learning a lot even from first Nephi and the Spanish is hard but I can understand most of it. I think because I know the story so I know what to look for. We are supposed to mark every mention of Christ, all names and pronouns and stuff. And mark whenever he says something, mark his attributes, and doctrines and principles. It's pretty cool. It truly is a testament of Christ and His power and love and guidance. It's so amazing. I love it!! This was the day I spent 2 hours writing my long email but it's gone. Oops.

Saturday: Doctor. We went to Russellville and got some meds from the urgent care doctor. I'm hoping it'll get better!! Conference was so good and we got lunch from the amazing and crazy sister K.

Sunday: We watched the rest of conference and it was so good! I got asked to teach on obedience next Sunday. Ha. Cool. It was a good day! The Spirit taught us good stuff and poor President Monson. He was so sweet. And motab was great as usual. What did you learn?? Our companionship scripture for ponderizing is John 3:16. Good good stuff. :) I learned I need to be bold, take the sacrament more seriously, be obedient, love everyone, and testify more!! 

Today we are just chillin. :) doing laundry.

I know the Book of Mormon is true and it's a testament of Christ. It testifies with the Bible of Christ's life and I'm thankful for it. I know the Atonement can help us align to God's will. I'm so thankful for my testimony and that I can continue to grow and learn despite challenges! I love you all. Please esmile. (That's our favorite quote from conference.) I didn't read over this so sorry if there's something weird or whatever. Love y'all!

Hermana Macfarlane

And this little tidbit from Hermana Sipple makes me very happy.
Baby Mac is freaking killing it!! She's so attentive and kind. She adds such a wonderful spirit to the lesson, she truly is an elect missionary. You can see her eagerness to get to know the people, it makes me so happy. I know Danville is blessed to have her. She's here for a reason, I can see it just in her attitude.

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