Thursday, July 28, 2016

New Companion! Lots of Rain! Loving Missionary Work!

Hermana Madsen, Maria, Sindy, Hermana Macfarlane
So it rained a lot this week and we were on bikes WOOHOOO. It was so fun. Well, the first day Hermana Madsen's bike broke so we decided to take our first walk day in Memphis. It was at least a solid 95 degrees outside and Hna Madsen was like "I hope it rains today" and then 5 minutes later it DUMPED on us, hahaha! But, God is good and we weren't really getting that wet and then this nice auto-shop man ran out in the pouring rain and basically threw two of those giant plastic ponchos at us and ran back inside. We quickly put them on (seeing as we were still 45 minutes away from our destination) and enjoyed the shelter and humidity of free ponchos. And then a giant semi-truck came rolling by on the river of water in the street and we were suddenly 100Xs more grateful for the ponchos. We got to the house we were going to and the person we were looking for didn't live there anymore so we knocked around the neighborhood, and no one was home. As we left for the library, a nice older man stopped us and said we could come take shelter on his porch as we wait for the rain to stop. (And the thunder was soooo cool. I don't know if it's just like a Tennessee thing or
because we were outside right under it but it was rolling all over the sky. Super cool.) We weren't sure about trusting a shirtless old man but we decided to give him a card anyway. He in turn gave us cold water and a referral for his Hispanic neighbor. God knows where His missionaries are!

Rain ponchos 

I had the pleasure of riding an Elder's bike this week Hna Madsen is too short so she used my bike (which was still a bit of a stretch). The next day, we were trying to figure out how to plan our day because most people want us to come over at the same time of day. Thankfully our dinner appointment wanted to move earlier so they could go to the TEMPLE. Yay. So we had an early dinner with them and right as we left it DUMPED on us again! But this time it was so hard and the wind was so strong we were teetering on our bikes. So we pulled over and the Angels that fed us dinner then followed us to pick us up on our bikes because they knew the rain would be bad and they would have to come rescue us.

Shrimp Cocktail Salsa

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