Monday, July 11, 2016

Beautiful Baptism

Okay. Stay with me here. This is a long one. (I think she thought it would be longer that it is?)

We had 3 baptisms planned for this weekend with the most beautiful and angelic family. Friday night, they had their interviews and only two of them showed up! So we went to their house with a member to talk with the other daughter. Long story short we shared experiences and scriptures and followed the spirit, inviting her to receive a blessing and she still said she would pray about it and let us know but that she just didn't feel sure enough.

The next morning we prepared for the baptism of the other two and we went over to their house to help the oldest daughter pick some clothes to wear, and we chatted with Maria (the one who didn't want to be baptized) again and Hna Lewis remembered a story that Elder James told during Zone Meeting about his whole family getting worthy to go to the temple with him. So she shared that story and we talked about how the temples are meant for families and we hope to see their family all together there some day. We again invited her to be baptized and she again said she would pray about it. Fast forward to that evening, we asked them to be there at 6:30 so everything would be ready by 7. They came at around 6:45 and ... Wait for it.... !!!!!!!!!!!!!Maria jumped out of the car, glowing, and said "I have a surprise for you. I'm going to be baptized!!!" IT WAS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MOMENT EVER!!!!!!The three kids and their mom were ecstatic. She went in to have the interview and the branch members that came were so patient and they waited for her to have a good thorough interview and find a jumper and everything. And they brought lots of food.

It was a beautiful service!

Until ...

We went to the font. DRAINED. Drained to about to the knees of Hermano Benitez who baptized them. The youngest, Jose, went in and it was just full enough to get him completely submerged. Then Maria went next, but she had a dress on. SHE HAD TO BE BAPTIZED 6 TIMES. Remember this is the one who wasn't going to be baptized at all. What a special person that Satan worked SO HARD to keep her from  baptism and from having a spiritual experience. We quickly ran to get her a jumper and they tried to fill the font a little more and she was then baptized, by full immersion, with the proper authority and the proper way. Lastly, the oldest sister Sindy went and was baptized (the first time). Then they bore their testimonies (they were SO AFRAID and even said they wouldn't last minute until the branch president didn't realize they didn't want to and he invited them anyway, thank heavens) and the spirit was tangible - it was amazing. Little Jose bore a short powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon and of Jesus. Sindy said she was so grateful to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! And Maria bore her testimony of how she prayed to Heavenly Father and he answered her prayer and she was so happy to be baptized and she was so choked up she couldn't finish. SO BEAUTIFUL. This was a baptism only possible because of the whole district here, the branch, the Sister Training Leaders, the Zone Leaders, and all of your prayers!!! So thank you so much!

Sindy, Jose, Maria

There are more fun stories but we are going to the zoo or something like that today so we are peacin' out. Love you!! :)

Hermana Macfarlane

Cool Memphis Clouds

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Stake Soccer

Trying to be cute on the 4th

After playing in the rain on the 4th. Soaked!


If I had Hermana Lewis's hair


  1. What a great missionary! We love you Hermana! Congratulations for helping a family through the gates of baptism.

  2. What a great missionary! We love you Hermana! Congratulations for helping a family through the gates of baptism.