Thursday, July 28, 2016


For some reason we have been doing a lot of district jumping pictures lately. (Elder Meza and Elder Heaton, the two in the middle, along with Hna Lewis have all left us!)
Hermana Madsen is back for the third time serving in this branch, and we just farewelled Hermana Lewis back to Ewtah. Because Hermana Madsen came Thursday and Hna Lewis didn't leave until this morning, we had way too much fun these past few days. Trios are the best.

We had exchanges this last week too with the English Sisters and it was my first time having to do Spanish all by myself. Crazy. I'm grateful for my companions and also for members who help me communicate stuff better.

Cute Benitez family and Valiente (the best dog) this is when we thought I was leaving but yay I'm not!


The cute recent convert family are doing so well!!! They are the sweetest. Jose is preparing to receive the Aaronic Priesthood and Maria and Jose went to youth conference last week and Sindy is preparing for a mission (yeah I know she's the best) and she's going to come teaching with us this week. When we stopped by to say goodbye last night for Hermana Lewis, they had some other family there too and to spare you the details this family is on top of missionary work! We are teaching 10 of their friends and probably 3 or 4 of them are really progressing, and now we will start teaching some of their family, too! Please pray for the Ramos family and their friends that they will understand who they are and their divine purpose here. These
people are angels.

These last few days I have been studying Chapter 3 in Preach My Gospel a lot (mom/fam, this is the chapter that has the basic doctrines we teach) and one day I felt like I needed to read about God is our Loving Heavenly Father and about the Restoration. We have a lot of investigators who have questions about the Godhead and about priesthood power and authority. So I went through the these two sections really thoroughly and I realized I have never REALLY prayed about the Restoration. I've prayed about the Book of Mormon and I just already know that this is the true restored church of Jesus Christ.

But I have been seeking a stronger testimony of these things to help the investigators and less active members who are unsure. As I prayed, I told Heavenly Father my thoughts and feelings and asked for clarity and strength to be 100% certain. I knew clearly and strongly that I would gain the conversion I'm looking for as I teach and testify of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I don't know everything, I hardly know anything! But I do know without a doubt that God IS our loving Heavenly Father and holy cow there are so many truths that come because of this knowledge. The Book of Mormon is scripture and a true testament of Jesus Christ. Thomas S. Monson is a prophet and is called of God. The Restoration of the gospel through the prophet Joseph Smith happened and the Priesthood keys are on the earth today. I'm so so so blessed to have this small but sure and knowledge of truth.

I love you lots. Read your scriptures everyday and say your prayers and go to church and go to the temple and share the gospel because there's no greater joy than missionary work! And family history. That's good, too.

(Oh yeah something Maria taught us that she learned at youth conference was that happiness is good, it's great even! But joy is more desirable, joy is deeper. Happiness comes when we do what is right and joy comes when we do what is right AND serve others. SHARE THE GOSPEL BECAUSE JOY IS SUPER GREAT.) :)

Hermana Macfarlane
Trying to make it before the timer (the zoo is great)

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