Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Happy Birthday America!

Last p day getting ice cream snow cones from a little hole in the wall

Today we celebrated the Fourth of July by getting Panda Express for lunch. At least our car wash had red and blue little wiper material things. Also I'm wearing my flag shirt and we are the only people in all of Memphis who are dressed up.

We are planning on doing SO MUCH FUN STUFF TODAY WOOOOO. Like probably we'll just go bowling or something so I'm just going to write a few little things:

First of all, thanks mom for the s'mores bars they're delicious. Second of all, MIRACLES ARE SO REAL AND IT'S SO FUN. We have two really really awesome families we are working with who's baptisms are coming up soon. The M's have two kids who are the most pure and scriptural definition of "child-like." Of course meaning humble and submissive and curious and desirous to do God's will. We are praying and working so hard so they will enjoy the blessings of baptism and be lights for their family! We asked the tweenage daughter why she thought scripture study was important and she said "So that when you're a missionary and you're teaching people you know the scripture and you know like what page it's on." NAILED IT. Haha I thought that was so cute.
Teaching with Gabi

Speaking of missionaries, the cute oldest daughter of the R family (the one we found post bike accident and the oldest daughter wants to be a missionary) was so sweet on Sunday. It was fast and testimony meeting and as I was sitting on the stand waiting for my turn, I looked at our cute investigating family and she had this look on her face like the testimonies were the best thing that could happen all week. It was so sweet. They have a brother who is disabled and we had promised them before that if they would come to the church as a family that he would feel peace and calmness in the church, and that if he were to be rowdy then the members would be so loving and helpful and no one would be bothered. And it was a miracle because he was just tranquil (oh no it's one of those "Spanish missionary moments" when you forget how to say the word in English but really I can remember but it's easier to just say tranquil haha) and he smiled and seemed to enjoy church.

I have been thinking a lot lately about my own conversion and feeling that I need to do things to strengthen my own testimony. I realized I haven't been taking time out of my busy schedule to read the Book of Mormon like I should. So I have been taking a few minutes during breakfast to read a chapter or so and ponder it and pray about it. Also I realized I should be taking prayer more seriously, and really coming to God with whatever questions I have and asking specifically for the things we need. I need to STAY AWAKE during my nighttime prayers (yes, I admit it I fall asleep all too often. BUT I'm repenting and changing). And to really be reverent during every prayer, always taking it seriously and pouring out my heart to God. And also I felt like I need to take church more seriously and do as I promise others by going to church with questions and expecting answers. And focusing on renewing my covenants and listening to the Spirit and learning more about the word of God. These are things I think I can always be better at but I have felt already a small increase of a stronger testimony and conversion as I invite people to read and pray about the Book of Mormon and to come to church and receive promised blessings. Being a missionary is such a privilege!
Couldn't get a decent picture, but it was beautiful!

English classes are still going well. (Almost) All of the attendees are now progressing investigators so woot woot to English class!

Happy 4th. :)

Hermana Macfarlane

Cute soon to be missionary and her mom.

A vampire and a missionary

Nasty Bug Bites

These bug bites have been SO FUN this week. They're fine now but I looked
like a giant infection for a few days!

Getting bitten:

Sneaking up to "heart attack" a family. The Elders are there so we had to be extra sneaky.

Video: We made lime cookies with Alba and they got burned but it's funny because she said "ya" which means like done or finished or already but Hermana Lewis was thinking she said "ya" to her question of whether or not to dump the whole thing in or not. People are so patient with us!

Unexpected Rain:
Happy Birthday America


  1. She's so good and sweet. It's so sad that the bugs got her. I'm excited for the baptisms. I hope she stays in contact with these folks forever! Love you Hermana M!

  2. She's so good and sweet. It's so sad that the bugs got her. I'm excited for the baptisms. I hope she stays in contact with these folks forever! Love you Hermana M!