Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Hola familia!

Teaching with angels

The District

We are on short time because we want to go get ice cream and also I want Hermana Madsen to cut my hair because it's time. BUT I love you! I am so grateful to be serving here. This week was really awesome and fun because we had a great district meeting, which we instructed at for the first time - woohoo! Haha it was great and only like 20 minutes about using time wisely, especially goal setting and being accountable. (In Spanish "accountability" is el rendir cuentas de nuestra responsabilidad, so that took a good minute to get down!)

I think my head looks tiny. We are funny and have the best companionship.
THEN WE WENT TO THE TEMPLE. :) It was so so great. We had a meeting before with all of the Zone Leaders and other Sister Training Leaders and the Assistants and the Wakolo's and President Faulkner (first counselor in the mission presidency) and I don't know why, but it was so fun to sing hymns. I think because in that meeting, no one cares at all about like being a good singer, we just want to sing and I dunno it was just cool. Then the temple was so beautiful! I felt such a peace there. It was really a spiritual experience to be in a room full of missionaries in the temple, knowing that we are all there with questions and that everyone was listening and praying and receiving revelation. After the meeting we had a testimony meeting. I think I wrote about it before when I felt like if I wanted to strengthen my conversion I need to testify more often of the Restoration. I was so grateful to be able to bear my testimony there after going to the temple, about the things that I know are true.
Temple with the STLs

Blitz with Memphis Sisters

We had some fun "blitz" as they call it here in Memphis with the Sister Training Leaders from Conway. They stayed the night with us and we had dinner and correlation and all that good stuff and it's always uplifting to spend time with other missionaries. The next day we had our first Sister Training Leader leadership council ... It was super great. We had group session things and also chicken salad sandwiches. And the Wakolo's just love people so much, they are so so great!!

Sister and President Wakolo

President Wakolo
District with the best Mission President ever.

Sindy and Maria went teaching with us again, little angels. We spent most of the time at this one apartment complex where we are teaching a few people. We left and went to another house and Maria asked if we were going to a house or apartments, and we told her a house and asked why. She said "well, if we go to apartments I know you guys are going to want to walk around everywhere and I'm tired!" Haha it was so cute. They got their first little taste of missionary work as we ran around the apartments teaching and giving pass along cards and SWEATING. :) At church, the Ramos' friend came and brought her cute little son! He was really energetic so the mom took him outside. We ran around the parking lot with him and got some energy out and then went to primary to play the piano and he was a little angel. It was so fun. SHE WANTS TO COME BACK - YAY!! :)


I love them.
We are gonna go get some ice cream, sorry this is a boring boring email, but hey,
I want you all to know that I know this church is true and that there is power in righteous living.
This is Trina. She is the English Elders' new convert. We see her at the library a lot. She wanted a CTR ring, so I gave her mine.

Much love,
Hermana Macfarlane

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