Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Transferred to Little Rock

We went to the temple today! It was so nice.

Bed bugs are still a really fun thing. We have to wash  and dry everything (twice) and put it all in plastic bags. The sister training leaders in Bartlett had a bed bug last week and weren't allowed to do exchanges so we did last minute exchanges with the Trenton sisters. IT WAS SO FUN. It made me want to serve here in Trenton! They had this Bible referral who they were following up with and she asked to come to church and said she really wants to read the Book of Mormon! Super cool. 

Something else really awesome was when we were trying to see one of their people ... I think the town is called Alamo or like flower or something I can't remember. Anyway they weren't available so we went to see a different lady and she got out of the car and said hi to us and all of the sudden her friend hops out of the car and he has no legs!! And he was DRIVING. I guess he got two canes and hooked them up to the pedals and just drives like that. And he like pulled himself up the stairs after. He was pretty cool. 

Hermana Ponce came to visit!
Ponce, Hudson, Madsen, Macfarlane
I'm going to miss Memphis a lot! One night we were biking down to an appointment we had at like 8pm and we look over and the cute Benitez family were following us in their car. Haha they are so nice. Then Hna Benitez and Karina hopped out of the car and tried to come teaching with us but the person didn't answer, sadly. But I will miss this branch! They are going to be a ward in January! The missionaries and the members are working hard and I'm so excited for them!
The Benitez
Hmm... What else. We had MLC this week and learned a lot about working with members and being obedient. The Wakolo's are just super great. Their goal for every missionary is to become a disciple of Christ. They understand that as we work on our discipleship, the people in our areas will be blessed by our testimonies and conversion and love. I know they are called of God and I'm so grateful to be serving in this mission!! I wish I could describe them to you better so you can understand how great they are and how blessed we are! 

New/released/current sisters at MLC-me holding my library of things
Hermana Madsen will be a great trainer! I'm headed to Little a Rock with Hna Thornton and Hermana Madsen will be staying here to train, along with all the other missionaries in Memphis! She has been so so great and I will miss her a lot. 
The Book of Mormon is true and I'm so so grateful for the ways it has blessed my family. I am grateful for the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation. I know that baptism is important, the priesthood is very important, and all of the saving ordinances are clearly vital but the most important is the sealing of families for all time and eternity! :) I love my family and the families here in Arkansas/Tennessee. 

Hasta luego.

I look like a chihuahua. (She was asleep in the car. It's sister Evans)

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