Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Children's Museums and ER Visits

Children's Museum

I have wifi in the apartment now! We have a crazy day today, we are going to the children's museum. :) Just in case I don't have time, just know that the church is true and this week was awesome. And Hermana Lewis is amazing. And she got hit by a car this week, hahahaha! And angels are real. And I love the Book of Mormon and I'm grateful for repentance. :)

We had a crazy day, the children's museum was fun but I'm learning that they really are for children and they are just the same thing everywhere you go. I tried to give a pass along card to this one lady and she said no. Bummer. Haha and we are so hot and sweaty but it's a good day because we have our car back now!!!

Mississippi Sunset
I'm gonna go do my laundry real quick but the package is great and I ate the Rice Krispie treat all by myself and we are going to put up the Fourth of July decorations because it's Hna Lewis' favorite holiday. She is so humble and kind and great, I hope you go to her homecoming! Hermana Moore will be there and probably some other missionaries that you may or may not know. It's July 24 though. But lemme know how it goes!

I had good studies today about repentance. We get credit for having DESIRES to forsake our sins. We spent this morning talking about how awesome our parents are. Seriously you guys are.

Video: Driving to the ER after Lewis got hit by a car. (Unsettling how jovial they are, in my opinion.)

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