Monday, April 18, 2016


I think my brain will explode there's so much to say about this week.
Taught Institute
So, Tuesday was crazy and awesome because we biked over to the Roque's for lunch and Hna Roque needed to go do something so we then needed someone to come teaching with us. She suggested we call Hermana Leal, so we did and she was ready to go right then! So we biked ourselves home (ain't never biked so fast) and had fun with Hna Leal! Then we came back and jumped right into the car with Sister Warrendorf who went to go visit a less active member with us (which, I will spare you the details but was so awesome and inspired for her to be there). Then we came back, ran to the bathroom, and hopped in the car with Scarlett! No one was home that we wanted to see with her. She ran us back to the apartment to grab a book we forgot to grab for institute, then dropped us off at the church.

We took a minute to prepare for class (my section was on Hosea and Joel, Sister Brown did Amos and Obadiah). HOLY COW THE OLD TESTAMENT IS SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND SOMETIMES. But it's okay because we had all the institute manuals and seminary manuals and much praying on our side so it went okay. Scarlett was the only "student" we had there so we talked and talked and talked about all sorts of doctrine and the cool parables (about God and His relationship with the Israelites. It's cool. You should read it.) Then we went straight to dinner with Erika and went home and went to bed. (After planning of course.)
Rosemary and olive oil bread with rotisserie chicken salad, cranberry juice, and pie.
Sooooo full.

Cried because I can't handle onions ...

... so I cut them with my eyes closed.
There was one day that we needed to make a decision between a few options of things we could do (ha literally everyday is like this but this one was a stop and make a decision because we only had an hour kind of day). We said a prayer in our hearts as we were driving and I felt like we needed to see one of our investigators we haven't been able to get a hold of for a while. Long story short, it was so great! We talked a lot about faith and Hermana Brown shared some cool insights and scriptures. We talked about why the scriptures are so much more important than just any other story. Very cool.

Spent two hours putting this picture collage together with Marci.
Okay sorry this is short (or, you're welcome?) but this morning I was studying again about faith and I LOVE Hebrews 11:1-especially the footnote b with the JST. It's cool. BUT THEN I read Matthew Chapter 9 and was thinking about what faith is. Jesus Christ performed so many miracles and I think there are three main things that make it possible

1. Faith - the faith of the sick person or person being asked to act.

2. Action - faith requires action. The ruler/father of the sick daughter had to act on his faith and humble himself to ask Christ to come heal his daughter.

3. Love/compassion - Christ had to have such a deep and abiding love to make it possible. The pure love of Christ (or charity) is powerful!

I love you all. Russellville is the best. But actually the Book of Mormon is the best because it testifies of Jesus Christ and through Jesus Christ is how we can be together forever with our families!
Beautiful morning drive to zone conference

Hermana Macfarlane

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