Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Last Week - Hiking Mt. Nebo

I didn't get an email to post on the blog last week because Hna Macfarlane ran out of time. So here is her letter for last week. 

Hiking around Mt. Nebo with Hna Chapman

So this week something Hermana Brown and I did was listen to this one song in Spanish like a million times because it was the only one on our new Christian Spanish CD (thanks mom) that we could understand the accent and all the words, and it's about the Resurrection so that was fun. All week we have been singing "VOLARE-EEEEEEE!!!!!" (It means "I will fly" I think. I'm actually not sure how it ties in to the rest of the song but it rhymes and it's funny so yeah)

We had exchanges this week! It's really fun because Hermana Ponce is our Sister Training Leader but it's kind of more for language and helping with the area than all the regular STL stuff -which she still has to do, it's just not the focus- and then Hermana Hudson is her companion who is basically an STL because she's really smart and loving and is totally qualified and awesome but we don't have enough Hermanas right now to have two STLs. So anyway, they both get to come to our area and have a fiesta with us! They came for two nights and we saw a lot of miracles! One of them being a referral from the Nielsen family. They referred us to a friend of theirs and we were finally able to go over there and contact them. I wasn't there but Hna Brown and Hna Hudson were and said it was a very inspired referral. And Sister Watts is the coolest and helped a lot to help this friend learn more about the church. As they were contacting this referral, Hna Ponce and I knocked on some of the doors around it. They always tell us that God prepares people in an area. Like, sometimes God will inspire one person to request a Book of Mormon or to be referred to us by a member just so that we can be in the area and  knock on the door of someone else close by. Does that make sense? Anyway, we found the cutest Hispanic lady who really needed some uplifting and we taught her about the Restoration of the gospel and how it has blessed our families. She went right along with it, accepted a baptismal date, and we went back to see her again the other day and she was still just as great! I love  missionary work. And God's timing is perfect.

Daniella's B-day. She's the one in red. Hahaha But she's the third from the left.

Awkward exchange picture

Massage train

Best Exchange

Okay sorry this was the only part I had written for last week and I feel bad so here's just a little bit of the rest: We aren't transferred yay! We taught young women's using my bike lock and mom's special "Helen cookies" as incentive to unlock my bike lock. (Everyone wants the recipe.) Talked about priesthood keys and these girls are so smart! It was the beehives and a laurel. :)

Hna Gallardo came teaching with us and it blessed her and it blessed us and it was awesome. Members doing missionary work is cool. We pray specifically for each goal we set as we do our weekly planning and it made me way more focused and it was fun. Hna Espinoza took us to see her friend and then we put some flyers out for the English class we are teaching. (English class is the best-I love it. We have these two young investigators who hardly know any English and they come and help us with Spanish too and then we eat treats after its a great win-win.) And we went into the Latino stores and gave them flyers and bought weird/fun snacks! One of them were these chocolate mint things that were so good. Also a fresh churro. And for some reason I thought basil seed juice would be good and it was not.
Yummy Mints

Weird Juice???
I learned a lot this week about the priesthood and the importance of it. We have to have the order and authority or it's chaotic, and God is not a God of chaos! I'm very grateful for the cleanliness and order found in Christ's true church.

Hermana Macfarlane


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