Thursday, April 14, 2016

Three flat bike tires and the good people of Russellville

Hermana Brown trying to change the tube with a butter knife. It didn't work.


This week the Davis' made us peanut butter bars and awesome salad and it was so good.

We also got three flat tires. Because of that we had to walk to one of our return appointments (who were not home). BUT we were able to talk to these two Hispanic guys and it was so fun because they gave us help with our grammar and we invited them to church. They unfortunately didn't have a car because they were just vacationing here so they didn't come to church but we felt like it was so good that we were able to stop and talk with them. I really like bike/walk week because it makes us be out and about with the people and it makes it a lot easier to talk to everyone! :)

Before Sister Brown got a bike, we walked on a very hot day to an investigator who lived pretty far from our house. As we were walking back, I felt like we needed to call a member to give us a ride. I kept thinking of Sister Watts, an awesome missionary member, but she had just returned home from a work trip and she is a busy teacher. So, I called a different member but she couldn't and then she suggested that we call Sister Watts. I decided it was spiritually guided and called her up. She is the best and just left her work like 10 minutes after we called and came to get us. We were planning on teaching Robert, but he wasn't home. BUT his sweet mother, whom we had met before, was home and we talked with her for a wile about following Christ and how important it is to remember his sacrifice. She wouldn't accept a copy of the Book of Mormon but Sister Watts had an Ensign in her car that she gave to Robert's mom. We haven't gone back to visit her yet but it was so cool! We may not even teach Robert's mom again but I'm grateful that everything worked out the way it did and we were able to share even just a portion of our testimonies with her.

We have been trying to work really hard with the members this week, and continuing next week, both Spanish Branch and English Ward. RUSSELLVILLE MEMBERS ARE SO COOL: Sister Bowler came to give us a ride from North Little Rock, the Thompson's helped us get new tire tubes, Sister Coonts took us to the grocery store today so we didn't have to ride in the rain, the Espinoza's just went to the temple this last week, Fern let us borrow her awesome atlas timeline of the Old Testament to help with the institute class we are teaching this week, Katie and Autumn fed us and laughed with us, Hermana Roque helped us learn/pronounce Spanish and provided a very loving and mothering spirit with some young investigators, Sister Hilton fed us twice this week, and many of the members in English and Spanish bore beautiful and humble testimonies this fast Sunday. I wish I could write down everything they do for us and for the work but it's impossible! I'm just grateful to serve here with such good people!
Map thing from Fern. It's so cool.

These next few months we are focusing on Chapters 6 and 10 of Preach My Gospel, which are attributes of Christ and teaching skills. We are also challenged to read the New Testament by the end of June (lol I'm so behind!!!). And we are focusing a lot on explaining scriptures in a way that we testify of the scriptures, not finding scriptures that testify of us, does that make sense? It's cool. I love the scriptures. :)

I have been focusing a lot this week about what it means to be a Child of God. I love love love Elder Hallstrom's talk about this from conference. Our first identity should be as a Child of God, not as an occupation or hobby or something else. I have been trying my best to be 100% sincere when I tell people God loves them. I have always known it but sometimes I don't think about it as much as I should. And, I need to think about it for myself too. I have found that it is easier to repent and change when I remember that God loves me. Instead of thinking "ahh I need to be better," I think "It's okay because God still loves me!" Repentance should be a joy! :) I am so grateful for the covenants and promises we can make with God because He loves us. And because He loves us He sent us His Son to overcome sin and death. I'm thankful for this knowledge, and especially for the scriptures which testify of these things.

Somehow, I have yet to have a rainy walk week here in Russellville. It always rains the week before and the week after! It's great! :)

Also, Hermana Brown took a nap today (while I deep cleaned the kitchen... Ooooh it was soooo nice :) :) :)) and I couldn't wake her up because se was OUT. I tried shaking her and calling her name. I turned the lights on, I moved the trash around, I run up and down the stairs, and then finally it hit me. I needed to ring the doorbell. I knew it would make her mad, but I didn't know how else to wake her up! I took a deep breath and pushed the button. I have never seen someone so so so confused as she was! I wish I had filmed it!! Haha she was pretty mad at me for a minute there and then she realized how funny it actually was, and quickly got over it. Our doorbell is SO LOUD, btw.

Have a great week! Listen/watch conference again! I listened to the "Be Thou Humble" talk this morning, which was really great. Also the "Healing Ointment of the Atonement." Also great.

Have a great week!

Hermana Macfarlane
Long line of antique cars that are fun to look at.

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