Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Mission Conference, Exchanges and MORE SLEEP

This week, Sister Macfarlane didn’t have time to write a weekly update/blog entry. So, I’ve taken snippets from our email correspondence instead. My comments are in blue. –Helen

The mission gathered ALL together for the first time since Sister Macfarlane has been there. Usually they meet together on either side of the Mississippi River, with the Little Rock side and the Memphis side. Elder Neil L. Anderson came to speak with them and they all met together in Memphis.
The conference with Elder Andersen was SO SO good. He is just the most humble man; seriously, he has the sweetest spirit. We were also taught by Elder Klebingat of the Seventy. He called us all to repentance and it was cool. He said if there is anything you haven't laid on the altar, decide to put it there right now, and he gave us a minute to do it. Super awesome. He's a powerhouse. And he's German so, that's cool. Then Bishop Waddell spoke to us and it was a little less intense. His theme was serving vs being on a mission. It was really good-like think about why you are here. Also, we talked about the doctrine of Christ and asked some questions to help us teach it better. Then Elder Andersen spoke and the thing I took away from it was he said "don't you think you ought to have 10-20 scriptures memorized? Maybe 10 from the New Testament and 10 from the Book of Mormon?" So, I'm working on getting my 20. :) He just kept smiling and was so genuine and pleasant when we shook his hand.
Claudia came to English Class this week!

I asked Sister Macfarlane if there was anything specific she has missed from home. I was thinking of things I could have ready for her when she returns. Here's what she said.

Something I've missed? Probably always having a cold glass of water to steal from you. I'm still suffering to fill up my OWN cup like multiple times a day. It’s getting old. ;) Well really, I think I miss being able to play the piano all the time and singing a lot or something. And Iris ... well sometimes I miss her but most of the time it's just nice to be dog-free. I miss having family prayer and scripture study and staying up late with you and Emma, listening to your problems and telling you mine! :) I sort of miss dad praying for hours and him standing up with red marks on his face. Haha, it's cute. I miss Andrew being a punk and showing us his new music, that's fun. Something I'm worried about is that the things that you all like a lot about me are probably different. I know there are things that won't ever change but like I don't feel like blasting music around the house and staying up late watching gory movies or something. Ya know? I know it'll all be okay and I'm grateful because I think you will all be incredibly supportive of me, you've been so so so good so far, I don't know why it would change now! :)
Skype call with Hermanas and English Sisters we exchanged with.

Las Hermanas
Exchanges with the English Sisters

First time we have been together

And last minute, she asked that I post this:

I just want to share that I love the Book of Mormon! Also something that we learned during our meeting was Elder Klebingat... no idea how to spell his name (I looked it up and fixed it here)... but he asked us to read Acts 5:1-12 and if there is anything that is keeping us from being honest with God, we need to give it up! I know it's hard sometimes to give up certain small or big things. He invited us to put it on the altar and offer our will to God and he would make us stronger. It is really only through Jesus Christ that it is even possible. We give up our will, but we have to turn to the Lord for help to make it through.

I know that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God and that Heavenly Father gives us the tools we need to be happy.

Love you all so much!

Hermana Macfarlane

Getting ready for bed because SCHEDULE CHANGE WOOHOO

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