Tuesday, February 7, 2017


This week we were really grateful for the car, correlation meeting, our sweet neighbor who came to church, and lots and lots of tamales that we are enjoying! For some reason these last two weeks, we have gotten like 3 or 4 bags of tamales with like 4 in each bag. They are delicious.
Getting food at the Mercadito

We had some really cool experiences with the Book of Mormon this week. I realized as I have strengthened my testimony of it and asked Heavenly Father to help us, it's a lot easier to share the Book of Mormon with people wherever we go! I used to be more timid and assume people just weren't ready to listen or they needed more background before they could accept it. But I've found that if we start with our common ground, especially common belief in Jesus Christ and families, it opens a lot of doors and actually builds a stronger base for us to then teach more restored truths.
Sister Hyer (I don't know the first thing about Sister Hyer. But she sent this picture, so here it is.)

There are a lot of things I've learned throughout my mission, but something that stuck out a lot this week was that the priesthood is part of the Plan of Salvation. We were watching the Mormon Message; I think it's called “Sanctify Yourselves” or something. It's when a newly ordained Melchizedek priesthood holder gives a blessing to someone who got struck by lightning. I was thinking about the priesthood blessings I've gotten as well as the ordinances and order that happen because of the priesthood, and it clicked to me that God knew there would be people getting struck by lightning, and sister missionaries needing counsel, so He provided the way and the power for those things to happen the way he needs them to. Does that make sense? There are a lot of other things the priesthood power does (especially having a prophet and having the Book of Mormon) but this stuck out to me!

I know the gospel blesses lives. I know the gospel of Jesus Christ is the access to the Atonement, and humility is the key! I'm in the Isaiah chapters in the Book of Mormon and, as much as I understand, it's been really cool to see the expectations God has for his children and still the love. More than anything I have felt the Spirit! My favorite phrase is "for all this his anger is not turned away, but his hand is stretched out still."

THANK YOU FOR ALL THE SUPPORT YOU HAVE GIVEN ME. I am so excited for this last week, we are going to work really hard (on bikes!) and everyone is going to come to church. woot woot.

Have a great week, give me your last words of advice.
Read your scriptures and say your prayers.
Thank you for your prayers in my behalf and all the missionaries!

Nos vemos!

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