Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Best Teachers are the Best Learners

HOLA LINDA FAMILIA!! (Hello Beautiful Family)

Hermanas Keller and Macfarlane

I have about 10 minutes. Here we go:

Got to see my BFFs in Memphis!!!!! :) They are the cutest.
This week we did exchanges with the Memphis Hermanas! We had zone conference out there. President Wakolo gave a really cool example that I'm not sure he knows about. Usually the office staff bring in the lunch about 15 minutes before we start eating. As time got closer, we all became very aware that there was no lunch yet. We started the first part of our meeting with a prayer and just kind of sat there. We took pictures while he and his counselors called the local pizza place to bring our meal. After we enjoyed the long awaited pizza, he turned it into a mini-parable. He said this is a good lesson for leadership. When things don't happen the way you planned, don't get frustrated! Just find another way to get the same results. If you have righteous desires, the Lord will provide.  It was a good lesson for us to be happy no matter what happens! (He is a really happy person.) The thing that stood out to me though was that he took the example of not having lunch provided and applied it to the gospel. He always says that the best teachers are the best learners and he is a great example of always learning. He also said after the meeting that through the rebukings of the Spirit, he needs to be more faithful and have better repentance. It's cool!

Zone Luncheon

Zone Luncheon

Felt like we needed to be out and about that morning for exercise but
Hna Brown and I forgot exercise clothes so we went out in proselyting
shoes and pajamas and gave some pass along cards. Success.

Also, Elder Andersen, the Apostle, is going to come to our mission at the end of the month! That's pretty exciting because it's been one of my dreams to have the whole mission meet together. Usually we meet as the "Arkansas" side and the "Tennessee" side but we are aaallll going to meet together for two hours with an Apostle. I'm super excited for that!
Other BFFs! Hnas Wilson, Brown, Hunt, y yo.

Things are going well in Little Rock! We have been focusing a lot on the members and working together with them. Also, I translated this week with one of the Elders during stake conference. It was pretty tiring and I quickly learned that my on the spot Spanish needs a lot of work. But, it was so cool that even though I am weak in the language, the Lord helped me be able to help these people understand their church leaders. They talked a lot about the temple and it was a very spiritual meeting. Hermana Keller played the flute for the prelude music and some other numbers and it was perfect. She is a fantastic companion! :)

Us teaching the Riveras the plan of salvation ... they are the cutest!
(Don't cry, i know it's cute.)

Have a good week!
Hermana Macfarlane
We haven't taken any pictures so here's a screen shot from our role plays this morning.

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