Tuesday, December 20, 2016



I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Christmas. 

This week wasn't the most eventful as far as things I think you would want to hear about. We went on exchanges this week as well as had our Christmas zone conference! That was so great because the area 70 Elder Bahesti spoke to us (he is in the North Little Rock Stake) and he told us five ways to change the world in 2017:

1. Make your bed everyday
2. Teach repentance
3. Increase your faith
4. Baptize converts
5. "Get over being a sugar cookie" and endure to the end

He reminded us to not discount the work we are doing. It was also really sweet because he said he has known a lot of the mission presidents for a long time and has loved them all but he has never seen someone teach so powerfully as do the Wakolo's and that we should be thanking Heavenly Father for allowing us to serve with them. What a privilege! :)

We also had a fun music program, played minute to win it games, and they showed childhood pictures of all the missionaries and we had to guess who they were. I stumped 'em except for like two or three people.

This is the picture I sent them. It's Ashley in 1st Grade. She looks exactly the same to me! Haha

Well, on exchanges, I had Hna Thornton with me in Batesville and we found a cute young couple in English and a ton of Hispanics! It was so so fun and we have been going back to visit all these potential people. The members here are so awesome and they are willing to come teaching with us but most of our people are Hispanic, and only one person in the Branch speaks Spanish so we are working on increasing our English teaching pool as well as possibly teaching Spanish classes??? We'll see.

With the amazing Aileen Watts (whom I had the privilege of meeting today!!!). 

Hermana Brown continues to be the best. This week I was learning a lot about teaching with power and authority and not letting those who are so set in their ways try to teach us. We both set a goal this week to "be okay with still learning." We have set this expectation for ourselves as we are on our second to last transfer but it's okay that we are still learning to be better teachers and listeners and disciples of Christ. She is very patient with me as I learn and grow and we calm each other down. :)

Last night we had a cool experience. We had 45 minutes left until we had to come in and our plans had sort of changed for the evening-as they often do. We had a few people in mind we wanted to see but we said a prayer. As I prayed I felt that we should visit a couple we had seen a few weeks ago but hadn't been home every time we went over. It wasn't a strong impression but as we talked about it I think I knew the whole time that we needed to see them. Finally we decided we should just go and we did and it was awesome. She had read the plan of salvation pamphlet and looked at the scriptures in the back even! We read the first and last two paragraphs of the introduction of the Book of Mormon and invited them to be baptized ... they didn't exactly say no but it definitely wasn't yes. They wanted us to come back and explain more and teach more from the Book of Mormon. I was so thankful for that experience because it gave us a chance to testify of the Book of Mormon and of the authority and of the Savior one more time before we went in for the night.

I know Heavenly Father is aware of us and hears AND ANSWERS all of our prayers, even the silent ones. 

I love Christmas! 

Hermana Macfarlane

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