Monday, December 5, 2016

God Has a Perfect Plan

Not our cutest ...

Hello Familia! We had a great week! We are going to Memphis this afternoon so I haven't got much time.

Well, first of all, I tried eggnog today and unfortunately I LOVE THAT STUFF. Mmmm. So good.

We had a lot of little miracles and some big ones too. Our Hispanic investigator, Mayasmín, has been progressing little by little. We got to bring Dezeree (recent convert who speaks Spanish) to her first Spanish lesson as a member and she was so so awesome!!! It's always nice. Then when we were on exchanges, Hermana Olson and I visited Mayasmín again. We had been inviting her to pray about the things we've taught, she kept saying like yes I do pray but I believe all the churches have some truth but God only knows which one. Then as we talked about it and explained that she can ask God which one is true that He will answer her if she's sincere, somehow it just clicked. We will go back soon to see if she acted on that! She's very stubborn to her word so if she says she will, she will! (Shout out to Hna Olson who helped us figure out how to teach Mayasmín about prophets really simply.) Also it was cool as we were sitting in sacrament meeting, she walked in all by herself again! We had stopped by that morning to remind her about church but she wasn't there. It was awesome AND she didn't want translation for some reason so she just enjoyed the spirit. :)

Beautiful Batesville

One of my favorite things that happened was this week as we were exchanging back we met up with the Hermanas halfway and we all got some pizza. Sister Watts had brought the other sisters and brother and sister canady brought us. We waited for the other sisters to get here and we greeted them when we came. But the best part (and maybe it's just because it's brother Canady??) is that the pizza delivery guy pulled up at the same time and brother Canady assumed it was sister watts' husband so he went right up and introduced himself with a firm handshake and a thick southern accent "Hi! I'm Brother Canady, nice to meet you!" The poor pizza guy was so confused. Hahaha it's really funny I swear but also Brother Canady turned bright red in the restaurant when he finally (after 45 minutes) realized what he'd done!

I have been studying the Atonement chapters still and it is just amazing the spirit that I feel as I read account after account of Book of Mormon people testifying of the Savior. We had a lesson the other day that I have reflected a lot upon and I am just so thankful for the knowledge I have of the gospel and the plan of salvation. It's life changing!! We were getting to know this couple the English sisters had been teaching and they both sort of agreed that Joseph smith was a prophet and they love the church but have a hard time with some of the deep doctrine questions. (Mostly about afterlife things and becoming like God. But she didn't necessarily disagree it was just a very very different perspective ... sort of like that we all share our spirits I think.) We were obviously getting nowhere with anything as our testimonies were being shut down. I asked Heavenly Father to help us know what they need. The topic of temples came strongly and I was like "Nooo way. That will cause contention." But I just kept feeling it so we explained temples, only to be completely shut down again. She continued to say that we are the temples and "all we say about families in heaven just isn't true." But I felt the Spirit confirm as we testified of the power of the priesthood and that families are ordained of God.

I know that I don't know everything, and I don't expect to! But I know God has a perfect plan that we are all a part of. I'm so thankful to know that my family can be together forever! I'm also thankful to know that yes the people of the church are imperfect, but that the living Lord leads His living and perfect church.

The commandments are so important because they are our protection. Keep reading your scriptures and saying your prayers and going to church and keeping the Sabbath day holy!
I love you all. Stay warm. :)

Hermana Macfarlane

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