Sunday, November 6, 2016

I love being a missionary!

The hearts we "heart attacked" the Benitez's with - put in a frame! awww. And
Hermanas Brown and Hunt

Woohoo this was a fun week! We went to two areas.

It's been really fun. We went to the MEMPHIS HERMANAS YAYAYA and had the usual Monday night dinner with the Benitez family and it was so good to see them. The Hermanas are doing a fantastic job and they speak really good Spanish! I also got to see the Ramos who haven't been consistently going to church except for Jose. We taught them again and talked about why they weren't coming. We committed them to come again and asked them why they were coming. They all gave great answers like to feel the Spirit, to do what's right, to be closer to God, etc. But then we asked Jose and he said "to take the sacrament and to administer it!" AWWWWW :') so cute. I wanted to cry and he still wants to serve a mission and they are just the cutest family. I love Memphis.


Mis Ramos

After Memphis we went to Southaven for just a day and they were also great. They are some of the ASL sisters and they are hilarious. They dressed up as each other for Halloween.

Southaven Sisters dressed up as each other.

We had MLC and interviews and again President Wakolo is amazing. He probably doesn't sleep or eat very often-in fact I know he doesn't! But he has the strongest spirit with him and is also really funny.

Then we went to Arkadelphia and it was really fun because I didn't ever know sister Duncan or Sister Fifield but they are super awesome. Also Sister Thomas was there too and it was cool to see her in her last transfer! I learned a lot from these three how to connect with members and just be happy and stuff. They're cute.
I didn't get our group picture, but this is Sister Thomas massaging my head. 

I love being a missionary and this week we are in Little Rock, Spanish! Have a good week, family.

Hermana Macfarlane

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