Friday, November 25, 2016

Batesville, Hermana Brown, Thanksgiving

I received these pictures on Thanksgiving. I don't know who the family is!

But I am so grateful for kind people who take care of missionaries on Thanksgiving!

Seeing HMac sitting at the piano got to me a little :)
Hi family! Sorry if it's a short email but we are short on time today! Sister Skordas and I were released as Impact Sisters, but we had a good run! She will be going to Little Rock and I am going to BATESVILLE with … wait for it ... HERMANA BROWN!!!!! Woohoo!! 😍😍😍 She's the best. We will be the Spanish STLs and we are opening up the area for Spanish. Well, it had a Spanish elder there to scope out the Spanish population but this will be the first for sisters there! We would appreciate any prayers as we seek out the prepared hearts in Batesville! :) I just talked to the elder that was there and he said it's super awesome.
Sister Fifield made us bears. So cute!
We went to Trenton and there was this bible referral we finally got a hold of and it was SO cool. It was late at night and we knocked on the door and this lady was so sick and humble and kind. She got so excited about the Book of Mormon and the plan of salvation because she had a lot of family pass away and was like "I've heard we won't recognize our family after we die. I'm just so confused because I don't really know." And we were like NO. YOU WILL RECOGNIZE THEM BECAUSE FAMILIES ARE ORDAINED OF GOD and she got really excited. Ahh the spirit was so sweet. At the end we asked about her husband and she said it's not her husband but they've been together for a lot of years and she was distraught about it and started whispering and said maybe we could help her. So great. It was fun because we left and the other set of sisters were outside talking to her not-husband!! Those sisters are super sweet and I love them. And we had yummy dinners there.

We went to Jacksonville after our zone conference (which rocked) and we had a cool lesson with a less active lady. We talked with her mom-who has a British southern accent-and then we talked with her and
long story short because I have to go, she was upset about not being able to live the law of chastity and I was like "how can I help her?" But the spirit said change it to "what does she need?' So I asked that in my head and the thought of temples came to mind. And it wa so awesome because she kind of needed temples but it just opened up an opportunity for sister Gummow to testify of the priesthood and her to share her concerns.
This is Sister Rasmussen who knows Kathy.

Much love, adios!
Hermana Macfarlane

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