Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Short but sweet

Sorry that I have zero time for a weekly email because it's been crazy! I love you all and remember with God on your side, one is always the majority.

We are doing speed emails because we have dinner tonight at 5:00 and we had a lunch and a doctor's appointment. Crazy. Sports night + rubber shoes + carpet floor = possible torn acl? She can walk on it mostly but the doc just said she has to get an MRI.
As a side note, we got a letter in the mail wherein she told us she put her running shoes and exercise clothes in a shopping bag to take with them on P-day. She didn't end up needing them but realized when she got up the next morning to go running that she had inadvertently taken them out with the trash the day before. BUMMER!. So, I guess I know what she's getting for Easter.

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