Wednesday, March 2, 2016

It's a Good Time to be HERE

Amber, HMoore, HMac, Sister Carnathan

Hello hello! We are doing well here in Russellville, Arkansas! Here
are a few highlights for this week:

District Meeting

After our district meeting last week we both didn't feel like eating
eggs/cereal/yogurt again for lunch so we decided to go out to eat. I
remembered from before that I had an awesome sandwich and turkey
cranberry salad from McAllister's (soup/salad/sandwich place) a few
weeks ago so we decided to try it again. Unfortunately, they changed
the sauce so I was unpleasantly surprised at that. BUT, it was soo cool
because the cashier was a former investigator that Hermana Moore
recognized, and it was good to make contact with her again. But then,
the manager came over and was like "Hey are you with the Church of
Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints?" Surprised and excited we said yes
and he proceeded to tell us he was a member in Conway, but he is
less-active right now. He was very kind and much to our PLEASANT
surprise he paid for our meal! It was such a blessing because Hermana
Moore forgot her wallet so I was just going to pay for us both, but
then we didn't have to because he paid for us! And gave us free
cheesecake!! Tender mercy.

H Moore felt like a genius because our speaker wasn't working for our conference call so she plugged this one in and it was awesome.
We were asked to stop by a less-active member's house who is moving
and had recently had a fire, but they weren't home (turns out we were
knocking at the wrong house anyway ...). So, we decided to knock around
the area. Nothing really came of it until we were driving away and
Hermana Moore felt like we needed to give a card to a nice older man
who was walking around outside. So we pulled back around and jumped
out to give him a card. He was so kind and open and we talked for a
moment and ended up giving him a Book of Mormon. Long story short, he
is currently in the book of Jacob and loves it and is excited to come
back to church again next week! We had some good lessons with him and
we are excited to watch him progress.

Miss Thelma is the best
Again we were going to an appointment, and it fell through so we
decided to knock around some apartments because there were tons of
people outside. We tried to talk to this one family but they went
inside before we could get to them. So we knocked on a door and this
sweet young mother hollered at us to come in. (It is 100% the best
thing ever when they just tell you to come in.) So we did and we had a
great lesson with her. The next time we went back, she said she had
been meaning to read the Book of Mormon but hadn't. BUT, it was on her
night stand so it's a step! Anyway we taught her the restoration and
invited her to be baptized and it was so cool because I was a little
bit nervous about it because I wasn't feeling 100% confident that the
Spirit was touching her heart but then I just went ahead and extended
the invitation and it was like the Spirit told her to say yes. Haha I
don't know how to explain it but Hermana Moore felt the same way. It
was like she was surprised to hear herself say yes with so much
conviction and certainty. I'm so grateful for the Spirit that teaches
and testified and confirms truth because without it, missionary work
would not happen!

Breanna was baptized!

BREANNA GOT BAPTIZED!!!! The sweetest little 10 year old. I think I
wrote about her last week, she was so ready for this step in her life
and she was beaming all day long! The day of her baptism was crazy
because we had interviews with president Wakolo and then like an hour
to go to missionary work, then we had to come set up for her baptism,
then have her baptism, then to go lunch with their family, then we had
like 20 minutes to grab our stuff and prepare for the Spanish branch
activity we were in charge of then we did the activity and had sports
night! Being at the baptism with her sweet family and the support from
the ward was certainly the highlight of the day, no, of the week!
Brother McArthur spoke on baptism and Hermana Moore spoke on he Holy
Ghost and I played the piano and it all went really well. :) (also she
had the cutest little blue baptism dress.) I'm so grateful I got to be
a part of Bre's conversion and help her learn the simple doctrines for
herself. She was beaming all day and then on Sunday when she got
confirmed it was the sweetest confirmation. We are so pumped to keep
teaching their family and help them progress toward the temple!! :)

Games with YSA
This week was really great and I have felt my testimony of prayer,
scripture study, the sacrament, repentance, and the Book of Mormon
grow significantly. It's such a cool opportunity to be here learning
to serve others and therefore increasing my faith! We went teaching
with Sister Watts yesterday (well really we didn't because no one
was home but she came with us) and she is a very educated woman with
good opinions. We talked about this area (the general south but mostly
Arkansas) being so prepared for the gospel with their belief in Christ
and good values/morals. It's a good time to be here! :)

The feet of her who is publishing peace! (Actually just a picture of new Bobs, but still.)
Your love and prayers are much appreciated. :)
Someday I will learn enough Spanish to know different ways to end my letters.

Hasta la muerte,

Hermana Macfarlane

Worst picture of the cutest dog
(P.S. Shout out to the one and only Katie Shelton for giving me a back
rub yesterday and for being the best. And to Autumn for giving me
cereal. And the Wyatts for having a cute dog. And Lee for being a nice
person and stuff. And sister Davis who I know reads my blog and gave a
great talk in church on Sunday!)

Coco because he colored on the wall with make-up
Bon fire con la Rama

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