Tuesday, October 18, 2016

I slept in a bed last night

As the subject line says last night was a privilege because we slept in real beds for the first time in about a week and a half or so. Haha It's not too bad sleeping on couches, air mattresses, and cots until you go back to a bed and realize how nice it is. :') I'm grateful.

Last Thursday we came to Little Rock and we did some mini visits with sisters in close areas and then Monday night we went to the Searcy Zone! It was my first time ever going to the "black hole." (I call it the black hole because there are no Spanish sister areas in that zone so we don't ever go there. There aren't any in the Memphis north zone either but we do go there often for the temple and such.)
All the fun new Sisters and their trainers and Sister Wakolo
Impacting in Action!

We visited two sister companionships there who are so cute and they were both so nice in letting us come over there. Then Thursday we came back for a 7 o'clock breakfast and meeting with President Wakolo and the Impact Elders to get on the same page. We got to meet the new missionaries too!!!! They are so sweet and awesome. Seriously. We have noticed that the new missionaries are way better than we were when we came out and it's so fun to see how quickly they learn and catch on to stuff.

We came back and packed our things for our weekend in Russellville. :) First we visited the Conway sisters for a few hours to let the Russellville sisters settle in a little as they just came back from training. Conway is really cool and it's an STL area so they are just rockin.

RUSSELLVILLE IS SO GREAT. It was so fun to see some of the members in English and Spanish there and we even got to go to church with them. :)

Hermana Becerra is a new missionary and she's FLUENT IN ENGLISH AND SPANISH WOOHOOOO!!!!!!!! We pray for that all the time. What a blessing it will be to have her in this mission! And her trainer, Hermana Olson, is a super great trainer and is pretty new herself so they are going to do very well together. Usually when we do visits they are three days, so this was our first one and we have two more this week. President Wakolo is the nicest man and he is so concerned for our health and safety and makes sure we have a place to sleep every night and a car and he wants to make sure we take breaks in between areas, especially if they are hard so we
don't burn ourselves out. He also said we can go back to places we have visited if their investigators get baptized so that we, again, don't burn ourselves out and we can take time to enjoy a few things like that. So cool! So coming up, the Jonesboro sisters should be having a baptism and she is the sweetest investigator, oh my gosh!! Prayers for her would be very appreciated. She's amazing. And she just bought cowboy boots (pictures to come).
Jonesboro with Yuri!

I have been studying a lot about the Atonement because President Wakolo wants us to teach him the plan of salvation in 5 minutes in our next interviews and also I felt like I needed to understand the Atonement more. So I have been reading all the Atonement chapters in the Book of Mormon and some verses in the Bible and it's amazing. I just read Mosiah 2-5 and it's beautiful! I love it because the people aren't like totally wicked but king Benjamin is still sharp with them but he loves them so much and they repent and do better and it gives
me a lot of hope. I know the Book of Mormon is true, therefore I know that king Benjamin's people were able to feel the Spirit as they listened to the prophet and they were forgiven of their sins. They retained that remission of sins as they served and continued to repent and do good always. WE CAN DO THAT WITH CONFERENCE -LISTEN AND FEEL THE SPIRIT AND REPENT AND CHANGE AND OOHHH ITS SO NICE. It's such a beautiful plan! I love it. Repentance isn't the back up plan, it IS the plan! 
Russellville Hermanas

Much love to you all this week. We are doing really well and Sister Skordas is and angel and we get along great great great!!! It's weird because we aren't really with each other because we are always on splits with the sisters. But, we do have night time, and long car rides, and planning time so we do have time to talk and we trust each other a lot. It's awesome.


Hermana Macfarlane

We decided we have to take our group pictures in the car because that's just iconic of what we do jajaja Sorry Conway - we didn't get a picture with you :(

Jonesboro and Andy's Custard

Cabot Sisters


  1. What a treasure. This is the BEST. She's having a blast. I'm so proud of her.

  2. What a treasure. This is the BEST. She's having a blast. I'm so proud of her.