Monday, September 19, 2016

Fiesta Patrias


So there's this nice man whose friend gave him an English class invite and he was so excited and came to class and was like "your home is so nice!" Hahaha poor guy thought we live here. We gave him a church tour and he's the nicest. His name is Oscar.

Hermana Benitez (the Little Rock one not the Memphis one) gave us a GIANT dinner. (Eggs, spicy spicy pico de Gallo, tuna and cucumbers, chicken, and veggies.) Pictures to follow. They are so cute and she's going to give me a haircut soon woohoo!
Benitez Dinner

My companions

So we had our specialized meeting this week which was great and exactly what I needed. But then we went on blitz after and Sister Forsyth drove our car. We had sung Dearest Children God is Near You and she was like "hey! Are you related to that Macfarlane? I'm related to Charles Walker!" And it turns out our great great great great grandpas were friends. Cool.

FIESTA PATRIAS: the best. The branch threw a fun party to get to know their countries that they do every year and some of the Russellville members came!!!! :) It was so so fun. And Nitzia (she came to one English class and we taught her once and she came to church) came to the party and she is so awesome. They asked us to look at the tables and then after like 20 minutes we should start eating. She just started eating anyway. We like her. :)
We were Columbian, Hna Barrientos (green) was Bolivian, Hna Lopez (blue) was Chilean. We are not very good at the skirt holding thing.  

We taught relief society about being honest. I never really put it together that when we are dishonest (small lies, cheating, gossiping, denying truth, etc) the spirit leaves us. And the opposite is true too. When we are honest with our leaders and families and honest with ourselves and God, the spirit will be in a much greater abundance and we will be strengthened to tell the truth and be blessed because of it. Honesty is a commandment! It was a cool thing for me to study.

Have a happy week!
Hermana Macfarlane

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