Monday, February 1, 2016

Sum it up with Testimony

Hello and here is my weekly email. :)

So everyday we have to sync our iPads and I just realized this week I have missed out on 5 1/2 months of "sinking" jokes.

This was such a good week! I don't have a lot to write about but also I say that every week and I think I win for the longest missionary weekly emails so here we go:
Beautiful bike week.
  BIKE WEEK. We lucked out so, so much on bike week - holy cow. It has been a balmy 50-70 degrees everyday! EVERYDAY. :) It was a pleasure riding around to our appointments in light jackets and water bottles. I always love bike week because it makes us be out with the people, but then I'm like "wait this is really hard" because the people are never outside because it's too cold or too hot, BUT NOT THIS WEEK.
Everyone and their dog (really though) was outside!

And, our zone leaders have this zone battle thing going on between the districts and this week the challenge was to hand out as many pass-along cards as we could to new people. So it was so fun to be walking/riding around talking to all the people of Russellville.As we were riding these two guys were like "HEY - NICE BIKES." Usually we are pretty cautious of men so we just said thanks and kept riding but they kept asking us questions so we went to talk to them and it turns out they were super awesome and one of them had gotten help from elders before! We explained a lot about missionary work and about church and stuff. I like when people are basically begging us to teach them stuff. It rocks.

We also talked to an atheist who said he's not atheist. He kept saying he was really smart so somehow that made him credible.

Always trains.

PATTY! Patty is the best ever. We found her street contacting and it turns out her mom was a member and she had her copy of the Book of Mormon! That was miracle #1 with her. Then the next time we went to teach her she was already on chapter 10 of 1 Nephi (miracle #2)! She was able to come to church with us the next week (miracle #3), and she is now reading in 2 Nephi, the gospel principles book, the relief society book and she is loving it! The Lord prepared her so well, this was not our doing! Haha - she is awesome.
Cute Kiddos
 The English ward had a chili cook off and we had five investigators come! The ward is so amazing with helping the investigators feel welcome. And they make good chili. And cinnamon rolls. And pie. :) :) :)With the Spanish branch we made jabon. (Soap. In this case, laundry soap.) They are learning different auto-sufficiency things and it's pretty fun. We had really good sugar cookies too so that was a plus.

I am slowly understanding more and more, I love these Hermanas. :)

Lunch with Jo, Sam, us, and Katie! (Notice the fruit bowl. It was overflowing
when we brought it and it was totally empty when we left.)
Yesterday Katie invited Sam, Joe, and us to her house for amazing burgers! IT WAS THE BURGER I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR MY WHOLE MISSION I AM SO HAPPY. :) And we (yes, Hermana Moore and I believe it or not) made a fruit salad! We were excited because we made it really big so we could eat it during the week ... but we ate the whole thing. And cake. Katie is the best and I love her and her friendship! She is so willing to serve and love others. And Sam and Joe are awesome, too. They are the first to jump up and help us with whatever missionary (or other) stuff we need.

A new lady at the rest home remembered our names from like three weeks ago! She is the first person on my mission to remember my name! I love the ladies there, they are so sweet. And they love to talk about scriptures and pray with us. It brightens my day! Sorry this email is kind of lame. But honestly this was a really good week.
Hermana Barrera loves to do hair. We helped them clean the church this
week and they braided our hear and fed us amazing breakfast burritos
with homemade salsa and oatmeal. :) :) :)

I learned this week that testimony is so important. Not only does it bring the Spirit to testify but it boldly and clearly sums up whatever was taught or learned. It's like saying "If there's one thing I want you to remember, one thing I want you to know I know it's ... (bear testimony) ...." It is simple and profound. So, for this week, I want you to know that I know prayer is powerful. "Because He is our Father and we are His children, He will answer our prayers." (PMG chapter 3, lesson 4.) Heavenly Father is so mindful of us and will always answer our prayers. Whether it be a plead for comfort, asking for forgiveness, a little more energy, a softened heart of a friend, whatever, Heavenly Father hears our prayers and will answer us according to His will and timing. His timing is always the best timing. Because He loves us, He sent us Jesus Christ our Savior. Because of Him we can find peace, we can ask for comfort, we can be freed from our sins and find joy in repenting every day. I know Heavenly Father loves me and that Jesus Christ came to earth and set the perfect example for happiness. I know this is the Lord's work and He will not let us fail if we are faithful! I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Thank you for your prayers. I love you! Please pray that our investigators and less-active members will be able to come to church and feel the Spirit there. That is the most important step for most of them right now. :) Keep going to church and reading your scriptures and praying!

Hermana Macfarlane

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