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A Slice of Heaven
Well  hello again! This has been another good week! Last Monday we had an awesome lunch at this place called smokehouse deli or something like that. But the thing is that they have peanut butter lasagna which is custard, whipped cream, Reese's PB cups, more custard, more whipped cream, and more peanut butter and chocolate on top. And we are about to go eat there again and I am so excited.

Peanut Butter Lasagna
I learned a lot this week! We had a zone meeting where we set goals and started our zone battle. They made it so every district in the zone is an army and they give us challenges every week and we have to report on them and whoever wins that week can take the title of liberty and sign it and whatever and it's fun. It has been good to make the work fun again! We know it is sacred and we are disciples called to represent Christ, but we are also young adults that enjoy the work, so we made it fun! We are really trying to have good attitudes about everything and be more excited and less stressed!
Hogwarts Memo at Sports Night

We decided our name is Team Number Juan

A funny highlight of the week: Every Sunday we go to the nursing home and we have three ladies that we always visit, and there are others too that sometimes say hello. But at the very end I took a picture with Bernie because she is the sweetest thing and as soon as I pulled up the iPad and the camera was on she says, "Oh Gosh I look like heck" but without the missionary words and it was SO FUNNY. She is 97 or 98 years old and she loves us like we are her daughters, and we love her too! It was actually really cool when we went to visit her, her daughter and granddaughter were in the room crying because they hadn't seen each other for so long! It was the sweetest experience. Then we were talking and it turns out the granddaughter was actually baptized a while ago and was thinking about coming back to church!!!! COOL, RIGHT? We chatted only for a little bit about church and things but man it is so cool when God puts those people in your path. We also visited with Freida who told me all about her growing up and how she and her sister were left to raise  themselves! She is an amazing woman and she always says (multiple times) "I just love it when you guys come. You know, it always gives me a boost!" And she smiles so big and I love her so much. These ladies have the sweetest spirits and I am so excited to talk to them in the afterlife!

President Wing came to church yesterday!! He is a spiritual giant. I have never seen someone look so happy all the time, he always has a smile on his face and that is a great example to me. He mentioned something that I loved. Of course his words were much better, but basically he shared the story of Moses leading the people out of bondage and when they got to the waters of the Red Sea and saw that they were either going to die there or die from the armies, they were upset. They didn't come up to Moses and say "Hey, I have an idea! If you could just part the waters of the sea and let us walk through that would be cool. And to add to it, when we get to the other side, would you mind letting the waters down so the armies will get washed away?" NOPE. They were upset but Moses turned to the people and said three things: 1. Fear not. 2. Stand still. 3. See the salvation of the Lord. We do not always know what will happen next. We may feel at times that we are stuck between the Red Sea and the Egyptian soldiers. But the Lord always provides a way for the faithful, often on a path unseen. Paths will come when we have faith in the Lord, when we fear not, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord. COOL, RIGHT?

First time passing the Sacrament
Here's another:
Sister Wing, President Wing's wife, also spoke to us. She is a violinist and she gave a talk about a story from David B. Height about needing to always  tune your violin to the A before the performance, no matter how many times you tuned or how recently. This is the rule!!! When you try to play untuned, it's just really really ugly. Heavenly Father has set a pattern for us, and if we do not follow it, things will be really really ugly. We need to be in tune with the Spirit, and follow the commandments.. Keep yourself tuned every week! It doesn't matter if you had an awesome week or a terrible week, you need to go to church. In order for our hearts to be healed and faithful, it must break before the Lord. We can ask ourselves "what is the condition of my heart?" and ask Heavenly Father to help you understand what you need to change to be better, and to better follow the pattern. The commandments are the pattern!
Beautiful day driving

ANOTHER: President Wing also spoke again in the Spanish Branch! His cute cute wife speaks Spanish so she gave hers in Spanish and it was so cool! President Wing gave a similar talk as before but a little bit different (also kudos to Elder Moore who translated at the pulpit for him). First to ask yourself "Why am I here?" specifically, "Why am I here today?" "Why is church important?" He said if he were to ask what you think you need to do to bring happiness into your home, most people would probably say 1. Read the scriptures 2. go to church and 3. keep the commandments or something. But he said, and he quoted the prophet by saying that keeping the Sabbath Day holy is the best and most important way to bring happiness into the home. All of those things are good, keeping the commandments, church, scriptures, prayer, service, it's how we can be more like Christ. But keeping the Sabbath Day holy is something that is so pressed by our church leaders because they know this is something the world is not doing, and if we do it, we will be happier in our homes and lives. Keep it Holy!!!! (Holy meaning dedicated or consecrated to God.) He gave the analogy about you wouldn't shower for 3 1/2 hours and say you're good for the week. It is a consistent daily thing. The gospel is real, living, and practical. It is a way of life! Okay one more thing: Brother... Bowden? I think? I can't remember his name. But one of the counsellors in the bishopric said this phrase before sacrament meeting that stuck with me: "Reverence brings revelation." YES IT DOES. We have been  trying this week to only listen to hymns and churchy music instead of our usual Christian Rock. And holy cow we have had the spirit with us much more! Truly, reverence brings revelation.

Roscal! If you get a little plastic baby in your bite you get to throw the next party and make homemade tamales for everyone

Lunch with Kyleeann, Ellie, and Sam
Are you still reading?

One more:
Watch the YSA devotional from President Nelson that was broadcasted last night. :) Follow the prophets, they cannot and will not lead you astray. We are expected to do impossible things with the help of the Lord. Turn to Him. This is His church and we are His people!
Newly decorated study space

I decided this week to ponderize Joseph Smith-History 1:72 I had a cool experience as I read his testimony at the beginning of the Book of Mormon and then turned to the end of JSH and read the last about 10 verses. I am just so grateful for the Priesthood that we have on the earth. I am grateful for the worthy Priesthood holders who have been throughout my life, and are still here now! I am so blessed. I know that the Priesthood has been restored and through the power is how Jesus Christ leads His church. Seriously it is so cool that the scriptures have been preserved for us. Like, really. It's actually amazing. Through all the persecution that happened in the Book of Mormon and also to Joseph Smith, it's incredible that we have the Book of Mormon. And the Bible, too. It's almost as if there's something we need to learn from them...??? :) Daily scripture study and daily prayer! You wouldn't brush your teeth with the amount of toothpaste you use for the whole week, all in one brushing. You can't just "count" scripture study for the week. Consistent prayer and study every day every day every day! :)

Family history!! We learned a little bit more about it this week! I love it, it's so cool. I was pretty confused and scared to do anything because nothing is every exactly right or wrong it seems. But we are going to try to start doing Spanish indexing occasionally. I loved to look at the old pictures of my ancestors and read their stories!
She got this picture off I'm in the far left corner but this is only five of eight children with my dad.

I really do have a testimony of the gospel. It simply has blessed me in so many ways. I am so blessed here in Arkansas, too. We have been given SO MUCH knowledge and I am so grateful that through the Holy Ghost I know it is true.

Thank you again for your love and prayers! Please pray for the investigators here to feel a sense of urgency for baptism and their next step on the path of salvation. SALVATION PEOPLE. :)

Les quiero,

(P.S. done got a hurrcut)

Hermana Macfarlane

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