Monday, November 16, 2015

Keep the Sabbath and Send Me a Game I Can WIN

Since this is the ONLY PICTURE I GOT I'm making it Extra Large


Ha, yeah, I "tried" to keep my weekly emails updated this week but I actually didn't do anything about it all week... sorry. :) It's been really busy, I guess that's a good thing!! We are working hard here in Danville. And now my ipad is about to die and I need to be able to use it to teach the word this evening! So, here is a brief rundown of what I can remember for this week.

Sorry I am really trying to remember! We did have a really awesome lesson with a new investigator, P. He is very honest and sincere! It was fun to teach with him and the Brooksby's. His mom is a less-active member and she is working on coming back and getting back into the habit of church, prayer, and scripture reading. We also had a really awesome dinner with the T's! We love them a lot! We also had a really awesome district meeting! Elder Allred is our new district leader and he gave us a lot of good pump up let's do this stuff that made us all really emotional too. Good stuff.

We had a good Book of Mormon class in the evening and taught a lot during the day! Sorry. Can't remember....

Thursday:  We spent the day in Ola (not pronounced hola, more like oluhhh) and talked to a few less-active members. We also got almost attacked by this really cute dog. Ah. It was so stinkin' cute but whenever we  turn around the dog is like "HEY. HEY HEY HEY GRR" and it freaks out at us and then all the dogs in the hood come over and start barking at us too and then we just get back in the car. But we met this really hilarious couple from those apartments who like Mormons and we gave them Books of Mormons. :)

We had a really fun dinner with (oh hey mom will you send me Uno? we play card games and I am losing them all and I need to win something!! :)) Sister B who is the sweetest lady! She made us noodles and we got to see her cute new puppy! Her name is Lois Lane hahaha.
Lois Lane

We had a really good day! We drove around and visited a lot of people and had a fun sports night.

Losing at cards and showing me that she likes her new boots.
Okay Sunday was really awesome. In the morning President Hall talked to us about teaching and setting good examples for learning in the home. So this week we are going to go around and try to help people with family night and all that stuff. He also really stressed keeping the Sabbath Day holy. The Stake President talked about how the world has gone from "the Holy Sabbath" to "the Sabbath" to "Sunday" to "the weekend." We are losing sight of the meaning of the Sabbath. Make the decision to keep the Sabbath holy and there are so many incredible blessings. One day! 1/7! You can do it!

I am so sorry for the lame lame lame email this week. I love you all! Thank you for your prayers. Things are going really well and I am loving being out here. I have gained a testimony of baptism, the true modern-day prophet, Joseph Smith, the Restoration, and the power of prayer.

Les quiero!
Hermana Macfarlane

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